Four actions that must be circumvented in the operation of animation network

animation site is moving in the direction of popular development, we can now see the Internet animation site has become a web site for many children, Indoorsman most love, can be said that the cartoon network has become an essential entertainment product many friends, in the face of the market hot, also appeared in many of the Internet the animation website, the author from the beginning of the 11 year also operates a cartoon network, since I found the cartoon network operation must avoid four behavior in the process of operation can make our website to win the support of the users, under a detailed talk.

The first

animation website as an entertainment website, then page color and the content of our site to the atmosphere, simple, leisure, there are now some animation website is congenitally deficient at creation time, the entire site is very stiff, lack of inspiration, and this kind of cartoon network station does not meet the psychological needs of users, so when we the line in the animation site to learn dynamic colors or slides of animation website for decoration use; in the process of Web site operators but also to add some color pictures, let the user enter to be attracted, and this is the right way to a dynamic web site operators, must avoid the single color animation site the stiff style website.

Secondly we monotonicity

in the operation process of animation website must avoid doing animation, cartoon network cartoon network owners certainly clear why this love can be said for the user, a large part of users are running the cartoon network random and timely updates, to diversity, like me this animation site large and small are set to the 9 categories of animation information, and the nine categories of animation information without a repeat, can be said to a website to animation development must take multi win, through the complex and changeable behavior let children happy, let Indoorsman nostalgia.

again animation website must avoid illegal behavior, there are some animation site for economic interests do not fold means, under the banner of cartoon network with illegal content, not only to minors’ physical and mental damage, it also damages the interests of the cartoon network industry to a large extent, parents do not trust myself forever the children to visit the animation network, and for part of these adults illegal content may also lead to deception, so as a cartoon network owners must have morality, not by the economic interests cover eyes.

Finally I want to say

cartoon network operators should also avoid Copy + paste, now a lot of cartoon network is the use of collection procedures, collect information of animation and comic books, which also appeared in the Baidu search engine on the part of the animation website plucking phenomenon, my site is because too many people copy, cause the site’s ranking from third to fifth now, is to take effective measures to restore the rankings, and there are more sites because of copy and paste themselves, not long ago I learned something in the QQ group by copying live website, Baidu was completely plucking, these phenomena are surface Copy + paste behavior not for a long time.

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