Adsense promotion website need from soft start marketing

whether we do website, or do not do web site. Whether we are site promotion, we are exposed to a lot of soft Wen and soft advertising radiation every day. I personally from advertising, marketing point of view, the formation of text ads, with the aid of the expansion of the public media, is bound to have an impact on the audience. This effect, after a long period of radiation, will inevitably bring about the brand effect. This is what I think the soft text and soft advertising marketing philosophy.

whether we are small Adsense, or operate large web site of CEO, we must learn soft text marketing. If you do not know what is soft text, if you can not soft text marketing, please go to the webmaster class website learning, the author long-term diving, but also found a lot of good articles, worth our study and imitation writing. The following is my personal opinion, writing soft Wen should pay attention to a few points:

first, soft text as far as possible hidden. The most old-fashioned advertising and soft Wen, is a celebrity took a product, and then said: "I used XX, the effect is really good.". We found that after analysis, we can not say that this advertising model is not good, belongs to direct advertising, it is very direct to inform the user that this product is good, you are sick or have problems, you can use this product. We may be a lot of people say that melatonin and Hengyuanxiang advertising is rotten, rotten. Rotten to the top is good advertising. But, we can’t, because we are not a celebrity, we need to face radiation dosage and to the user, allowing users to our article in mind, let them think it is a good article, then go to reprint. If you say directly in an article that the XX site is really good, who do you think will reprint your article?. Not sure, there are people who are stupid, do not refuse to replace their website to promote.

second, soft Wen and website content consistent. I also see a lot of people write some soft text, very stiff web site and web name added to the soft text. This promotion, of course, is better than the first kind, but still needs a grade. I see a lot of friends to provide soft writing, and some soft Wen really worth learning, and can write the novel and life dialogue, really admire.

third, soft text to be readable. Many friends chat with me, ask soft text how to write, in fact very simple. You think a point, and then spread out, you can write a lot of words. Do not say that their literary talent is not good, can not write. In fact, as long as their own good feelings, or third people’s ideas can be written. I suggest that people who want to write a soft text, can start from the webmaster class article written, published in A5, and then see if you can pass or others evaluation. And then improve yourself constantly.

I think, soft Wen is one of the main parts of website promotion. We see the existence of the soft in the mainstream media and blog, a lot of people ask, enterprise website, personal website or soft to write what? I sort out some of their topic content for your reference.

first, enterprise website. We can write business news; Market Research for enterprise products >

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