The lifeline of the site offline

friends want to do stand, let me write a new site should know about the new things and attention to him. Because I have just entered the line soon. Add what I know and summarize the experience that I have done to share with you. I think it’s very useful for beginners. Get to the point:

first ask yourself;

what resources do you have,


what can you offer users,


what benefit can you bring to your customers?

, a site’s growth and the head of the positioning and efforts are inseparable, please pay attention to the premise, positioning must be accurate, said a sentence: according to its own, accurate positioning, but not for large fine and professional. Large and full web site for personal Adsense is a bit unrealistic, it is recommended to do fine and professional. Site positioning has always been the first step in the building site, do not blindly start the site, must be sure that you do the direction of the station. It’s best to combine yourself with your own interests and abilities (connections, resources, energy and time), and then do what you need to do. Do these, I think you can, and the financing of what first do not consider, you are new, you have to familiarize yourself with the site, familiar with the basic operation of the site, promotion, etc.. First positioning a small aspect in the development.

two, if the site as a career and the survival of the words, it must be his + + customer site audience together, for example, one of my friends in the conference marketing way to convince companies to do stand, from start to now only 12 days, the performance has been close to 8W, (website is not made, in order to avoid AD too) in addition to the site if you have no other source of income would struggle.

three, not only in the network, many years of business experience told me that customers are dug out, is not to think of you, the station can bring what effect to customer performance if effective, they will take the initiative to find you, with the first single, behind the needless to say.

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