Accurate marketing is the key to the success of micro blog marketing

small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out micro-blog marketing, the quality of the fans is the most important, because the ultimate goal of enterprise marketing is to achieve product and service sales. To achieve this goal, we have the best fans of micro-blog accurate target customers. Otherwise, even more fans, if they are not interested in our product information or service information, it is difficult to achieve any transaction. Therefore, Yue Hao believes that enterprises in doing micro-blog marketing, do not put their micro-blog positioning as a mass media platform, but to locate an audience accurate interactive platform.

one, looking for micro-blog’s precise user

1, find the user

by the tag

micro-blog users will be based on their own characteristics or preferences for their micro-blog labeled different labels. These tags are set by users themselves, which best reflect individual characteristics. According to the characteristics of these fans, we can classify their age, identity, occupation, hobbies and so on. If our target users just coincide with a certain group of people, then such micro-blog users are our target users, but also we need to guide the crowd.

2, through the topic to find the user


on the topic is realized by # topic name #, the biggest advantage is that we can through the micro-blog search found directly involved in a discussion of the crowd. If you find that some users are often involved in #NBA#, # football # such topics are discussed, and your company is selling sports shoes, the micro-blog user is your target users.

3, finding users through micro groups

micro group, like QQ group, is a place where a group of people gather and communicate and interact because of a common feature or topic. If the main topic of the micro group and your product have a relatively close combination, then the users in the micro group are also your target users. For example, a micro group, mainly talking about " weight loss " this topic, your business is just to sell weight loss products, or to provide weight-loss services, then these users would be more appropriate.

two, let accurate target users become our micro-blog fans

1, micro-blog has to attract users of high-quality content

a micro-blog, if you want to have more fans, the most important thing is to have good quality content. There are so many things micro-blog can write: record your thoughts and feelings every day, the fun and new things that happen to you, the reviews of related industries, the discussion of hot topics, valuable experiences, sharing, etc.. Yue Hao believes that we must let other users through our micro-blog feel a true self, the only way to win the trust of users. Pure enterprise information or marketing information release platform is very unpopular.

if it is a cosmetics business, then micro-blog’s content can include many aspects. First of all, personal information should be displayed. Own beauty >

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