Grassroots webmaster talk about the first site experience and experience

easy to do site, do a web site is really not easy, in this one month, and colleagues to work overtime, from planning to design, the site finally on-line.

, of course, quite a few detours in the process of making new, so I deeply understand that the planning and pre positioning website is very important, is the so-called modaobuwukanchaigong, only accurate positioning, to do it will be relatively smooth.

as a grassroots webmaster, do not have much experience, requires a lot of time groping forward, in the process of doing stand, need all the energy input to do stand, some time ago, it was dinner, thinking of the car when thinking, even the rest are thinking how to network station how to design and layout planning.

here summarizes some website experience:

1. first needs to give the website an accurate localization, what is the website theme? What are the browsing groups facing?


2. according to the location of the site theme and then choose the colors of the website, if the layout for the first words, then I think the color should be ranked second, because the 57 commune is doing outdoor activities website, browse the group of young people will be more, so I chose the bright orange and refreshing blue, which appropriately add some silver modified


3. defines themes and colors, the next thing to consider is what functions the web site needs to implement and what programs need to be implemented;

4., three before planning, you can start to design.

of course, when things are very simple, when you go through the process, maybe you will meet many difficulties, we will meet a lot of problems in the process of design, do not be intimidated by the problem, meet and solve problems is the most feasible way.

57 commune has just been completed, and many deficiencies are being perfected. Next, the most critical issue is the late promotion, and if friends have good ways to promote, but also please exhibitions. Thank you. (text / green tea reprinted, please specify station address:

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