My website is not running as usual

In February 24, 2009

16:00 passed, my website does not record, but escaped the "Fenshukengru" of the wind. I don’t want to record, but when I got the news, the record was too late, the government’s work efficiency low, we all know, and these days for many people to the website of the Ministry of industry had almost paralysed the.

wanted to write an article last night to celebrate. Yesterday, he was busy changing the website and didn’t have time to do it. After the crisis, I summed up a few reasons why I was so lucky this time:

one, although not recorded for their own website, but I still actively filing, submitted to the Ministry of industry for the record information. And I don’t have any bad information about my website. I even took ads that were slightly pornographic.

two, although the domain name is to apply to the domain name, no record, but also is my space, my virtual host was off the record, because the space running speed is not fast, so a new application domain, ready to do a dumpster, and in the bottom of the site is also written on the record number.

The record of

three, I have the original space binding domain, I bind to another record space, also use the record number, space service providers check my domain name, is off the record, although not for the record of their space, but they also recognize the domain name for the record.

this way, I only had a record number, but to solve the problem for two sites, now two of my website, is the model class website, a model,, is a small secretary,, are safe and sound.

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