New concept the rise of domain name business opportunities cloud domain name is god horse cloud

"cloud computing" concept since Google proposed, it is a new network application mode, through the network to the on-demand, scalable way to get the required services, cloud computing and the rise of the concept of set off a boom related domain name registered in the domain name industry at home and abroad, due to cultural and geographical differences. The two market is different in this kind of domain name.

cloud computing English name is Cloud Computing, in the overseas market "cloud computing" domain types have registered, Cloud word types, such as company (VMops company) for the acquisition of cloud domain name, is now the site of cloud services platform, domain name, domain name trading $2500 $1500 sold, Cloud combination type the domain name such as $29000, $4000, the sale of domain name domain name $1700 transaction and so on, other types of cloud communications platform in the overseas official domain name platform with 100000 of its 650 thousand yuan price of the transaction.

can be seen from the overseas market, cloud computing domain mainly around the "cloud" the word Cloud type is mostly in the phrase domain type, at the same time, cloud is no longer confined to the mainstream COM domain name suffix, other countries and regions such as the domain name suffix type is common in this kind of domain name, domain name and website probably choose this type of enterprise.

of course, domestic market and foreign market, the domestic market is able to absorb the force, in the national cultural heritage better combined with the new concept of foreign, the rise of local characteristics of the domain name, domain name has always been an important domestic domain name market, a new concept of arrival can be "offbeat" in the face of the development and continuation of the domestic, domain name type variety.

domestic "cloud computing" types, type, type of Pinyin abbreviations, the rise of cloud computing is the main type of domain name, "cloud computing" Pinyin is yunjisuan, it is understood that at present the mainstream three spell suffixes collapse has been registered, the domestic market is the enterprise by Larry domain and domain name lovers in China, derived from "attention hot cloud technology related products by cloud computing, such as domestic fire than the" Yun "," pan "series of domain name.

and the rise of the concept of cloud computing, in addition to the domain name registration boom, set off a boom in the domestic cloud domain, such as 360, the successful acquisition of the "cloud" 3 Larry domain, Jinshan acquired 3 domain name, the three names are to fast disk pages, easy at the end of 2010. Disc Larry domain professionals in the industry are 6 >

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