‘m sorry to see that want it

today in the webmaster network to see I want the boss – Arab River, published an article: /article/20080319/76624.shtml, I read, and some regrets.

first emotion, that is, I want the webmaster, users have exceeded 150 thousand, refers to the active users.

said here I want to congratulate! I have always been very respected, his statistics function in detail, want to master what they want, really admire ah (Jiang, based on this, I also entered the ranks of webmaster statistics, later mentioned my bubble webmaster Statistics) I think, at present the statistical system, in addition to the statistical system of YAHOO and Baidu, who would dare not go and I want to compare the function of. Station and 51yes do not function in statistics, just do a long time, many owners have been used, and the data stored there, is not too good to other statistics, up to two statistical control.

of YAHOO and Baidu, the function is strong, but do not conform to the webmaster’s habits, but also let owners are afraid that they are doing the search, the webmaster if they clearly analyzed keywords station of its own sources, which were blocked to some, to find a suitable reference, so the statistics system at present, some owners can not use these giants.

I want to have it, so many users, the server load cost is quite high, as can be imagined, now slow, put some advertising, some owners have complained about it, I think we should support me to give a lot of understanding. We haven’t been using it for free. It should be appreciated for free.

second regrets, my bubble webmaster statistics what time can reach my level.

just said, to me, I have always respected, but also developed a set of and I have almost the same statistical system – http://s.pppop.cn. Developing this is not going to be the right thing to do with me, it’s just learning.

by the way, the bubble webmaster statistics, and I want to have some features compared in function, but also other statistics station does not have the statistical system for the integration of a variety of advantages in one, but also retains the stationmaster’s habits, the most important is the data query speed is fruit milliseconds, fast (the search engine is a type of index) if I believe! Webmaster statistics, never complain how slow speed


I entered this field some late, owners of the data to be retained, so it will not be easily replaced by statistics, just hope that we look at, look at me! And I want the purpose is the same, is more convenient to let the webmaster friends make statistical analysis tools, we use the system we developed, the is the only thing we can be proud of. As for the use of this platform to put some ads, earn some money to maintain the system running, this is also love >