1 year sales of 5 million wedding electricity supplier Weddington Way growth profitable Road


editor’s note: this wedding customs and technology independent? No, look at this wedding Weddington Way electricity supplier how to achieve annual sales of $about 5000000 in 2013, sold more than 25000 dress! What is more important, according to its 2014 first quarter results, the company is expected to reach $10 million in annual operating rate. Article from foreign technology blog Pando.com.

in the United States, there are about 2 million 500 thousand weddings each year. At an average cost of $25200 per wedding, the wedding market is worth $63 billion. Most of the multibillion dollar industries are affected by technology, which is one of the few unaffected industries. The bride and groom will imitate their parents wedding preparations for their wedding, will certainly make minor adjustments, like Pinterest’s Sketchpad, e-mail reply and photo sharing platform, but when it comes to money, there is almost no change.

never stops trying. Millions of venture capital and tens of thousands of people are trying to solve the problem, but most efforts have little effect. Ilanna Stern was a buyer of the big chain corporation Bloomingdales and founder of Weddington Way, the online retailer for Bridesmaid dresses. She points out that most wedding market participants try to make wedding a business rather than a social issue. The bride and groom, of course, need tools to explore and buy wedding supplies, but simply providing more beautiful and novel online services is far from enough to subvert the traditional offline business model.

The secret weapon of

Weddington Way is to integrate social elements into its business experience, and in the process focus not just on the bride. The wedding is always a big day for the bride, but for those who have been behind the scenes, the wedding is like a battle. In addition, the bride wants to share joy or madness, or decision-making pressure with her family and friends. Weddington Way solves this problem by letting users browse web sites, share product reviews and information, and help make decisions.

Stern said: "nowadays, the way young people communicate, relate and consume media are different from those of their parents, so why can’t wedding planning make any changes?"

that’s not always obvious. While Weddington Way has just started, Stern and her team have focused on protecting the privacy of their brides, and have initially locked out many of the social tools that are still in use. But information sharing is only one way from the bride to other members of the group, without reverse flow. Clear customer feedback indicates that brides want as much information input as possible. St>