How do you spend your bottleneck


SEO in Guilin these days always feel flighty and impetuous, to do a lot less passion. Blogs haven’t been updated for more than 10 days. Do stand more than a year, feeling the last half year is still doing quite smooth, calculate earn also have more than 20000. For a college student, it still has a sense of achievement.


sits on the website for a long time, many people will encounter bottlenecks, especially some have paid, has not yet been rewarded. I think most webmasters do not adhere to the reason is that in the bottleneck period, there is no timely way to find a breakthrough bar. Here I come down to the reason why I encountered bottlenecks and some small insights, I hope we can get inspiration from them.

one, learning pressure.

last semester because of the promotion of Internet obsession, can not reasonably arrange the time, leading to several subjects hang up. Now it’s due again, and there will inevitably be some pressure. I often ask myself "should spend more time to learn in school?" when I find a counselor talked about, he recommended me to read a Book – "manager" very fruitful, two weeks finally online shopping this book, read a week, although not yet read but, my heart has a lot of static. The management of time is also much better than before.

sentiment: whether it’s learning or working, we all have problems when we’re under pressure. When we can’t take the time to do everything, we must learn to arrange our time reasonably and make our time most valuable. Sometimes when we understand a truth, but he is not to practice, because we haven’t found the reason enough to practice it or that we have no system to understand it, this time can be conscious use of force to help us.

two, the direction of development is many, the purpose is not clear enough.

online money making project is very much, any industry, in one direction, do fine, you can make a lot of money. My main position is localization network, but other projects I can not give up for the time being. Time doesn’t allow me to do that. I don’t know which part I should give up. In the end, I still decided to do the localization network, and the other aspect was to spend a small amount of time maintaining the original project and spend most of my time on the local community and learning that I was planning.

insights: if you want to make money in every direction, it’s hard to make money because you don’t have so much capital unless you have a very strong team. The best way to make money online is to focus on it. As long as you have enough willpower and execution, it’s only a matter of time before you make money.

three, doing too much repetition, the site ranked down.

does a lot of things and is repetitive. If you do more, think of using tools