For the smart home industry the development of the construction of the chain

in twenty-first Century, the Internet has entered a stage of rapid development in China, the Internet is no longer what new things, and now everyone is equipped with a smart phone, anytime, anywhere can access the internet. In the period of rapid development of mobile Internet, as a new concept, smart home industry has benefited greatly from this background. Smart home combined with smart phone client, you can easily control, and always control the situation at home, is the smart home flagship slogan.

in the rapid development of the Internet, more and more enterprises and businesses use online sales model, the flow of the interface is mostly from Baidu. Baidu is the most directional traffic network platform, as the smart home industry, the Internet marketing competition is very fierce. So how come to the fore? Today to share with you about the smart home industry SEO experience, how do I aim at the smart home industry to develop the construction of the chain?.

other aspects of the network promotion today is not discussed, today mainly to share the smart home industry network construction. The importance of a website that meets SEO needs no mention of me. Well, the content is good to do? Of course not, the practice of good internal strength is also necessary to move to play out. The chain is like moves, we need to release the quality of the chain to enhance the overall weight of the site. For smart home industry analysis, how to publish high-quality external chain,


one, Baidu’s platform:

Baidu not only search engine to do excellent, other platforms also do very well, such as: Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu experience, Baidu library, Baidu post bar, Baidu space, etc.. The Baidu’s platform for the chain is very good, because of Baidu’s business, Baidu usually are very care, of course, the chain of these platforms also have a certain skill, as for how to do the chain platform to see your skills, can also be do you pay to play it.

two, Q & a platform:

we all know, Baidu knows, then there are other questions and answers platform, you know, such as Sogou Q & A (original Search ask), 360 know, SouFun Q & A, Sina love ask, Tianya Q & A, know almost. These platforms can be used to answer and ask questions. We can edit some information about the smart home industry, questions and other questions, and then use other accounts to answer, and incidentally bring the web site.

can also answer the same industry issues, because these questions and answers platform for the examination of Yan Yousong, how to achieve the goal, the need for long-term consideration. For my analysis of the smart home industry, information on smart home quiz rarely. We do question and answer platform, you can hold two mentality to do, can leave links to stay links, can not leave links, you can leave the company name, so that not only can do the chain, but also can do publicity to the company brand.

three, submission: