Talking about the source of webmaster soft Wen serial two


a few days ago, the author to share: talk about webmaster soft Wen thinking source (Lian Zaiyi). Three methods have been mentioned in the previous article here. Today, I continue to analyze the subject and the origin of the soft wen.

four, participate in interviews,

as we all know, there are many interviews including A5, Chinz, Taobao forum and other related webmaster websites.

in fact, the content of the interview itself is a very good soft, because during the interview, a question and answer by the way, may inadvertently share the webmaster friends there is an urgent need to understand the questions and answers.


five, participate in communication,

participate in the exchange, is hope webmaster friends can through complementary resources and knowledge, mutual collision sparks, new ideas and thoughts, maybe sometimes others a carelessword, but it makes you come up with a great idea. The so-called "Three Stooges", the top Zhu Geliang, and more people communicate with the industry, I think this will not be a bad thing.


six, get into the good habit of recording

webmaster friends in common operation server, modified to add the code, modify the CSS database maintenance, etc., will encounter this or that problem, we from the popular quiz webmaster forum can see, but few can master the methods to solve their own problems to the record.


in fact, as long as we are in the process of daily operation and maintenance more accumulation, develop a good habit of recording, these things can be as soft content, not only increase the knowledge for themselves, but also to other webmaster friends share their experience, such a good thing Why not?? this article from the original story, please indicate the source.

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