Please update the website as a kind of enjoyment

believe a lot of see this title, click in to see article, webmaster friend must be to update the article a little feeling, I also, I always think that update article is individual force live. Time consuming, may also not much traffic coming! Hard earth website webmaster all know, update the site more than a short duration of time. To update the site into! Only a short while ago, owners of the homework every day, every day of the required course. How many webmaster to endlessly on your own website with original content all day and night. Many people say that we are the owners of Internet workers, updated daily articles of the machine movement is tantamount to migrant workers every day ctrl+c, ctrl+v brick! Very tired, really tired! But I want to say today is that we can change a way to update your own website! The update web site is a fun!

subject to a beauty blog I did recently, is actually a beauty station ( before I did beauty station, a CMS model for a few stations began mad, but now it seems that beauty is simply standing in vain! Before I have a headache every day is a log audit a piece of junk beauty articles, looked at the shining white legs a bit numb! What’s more I collected the article almost won’t bring me the long tail traffic, doing no confidence, discouraged! Domain name expired, with station expired! So said goodbye to a beauty station. I have to pick up the theme, you can go to my blog to see the beauty of MM, this article is not collected, but I added a hand, is for the original! I’m every The day of work is tired of going to some portal stand to see beauty the beauty, feeling which beauty will fire, or I’m interested in her beauty in my blog! Title naming I generally take the girl’s name in the Baidu search for the location, according to the relevant search under the said! You understand? But the content is of interest to me, so I add the article to not feel so tired! See beauty, with articles I said is a kind of enjoyment too


for the beauty of my blog overall optimization ideas I don’t go to special optimization flow of the key, I personally feel that when you have the kind of beauty, MM, sister of this keyword optimization up, you stand and that exposed by Baidu pictures, from artificial delete not far! So I think it is to seize the long tail traffic the key to optimize the beauty of the station! Such as optimization of website directory structure, the optimization named TAG! Not what weight station early on their own to other forum signature AD, etc. there is a certain number of the number of articles and the chain, there is capital to exchange some good


finally, about link optimization, I’d like to express my understanding again:

1. my personal exchange links do not like to exchange a lot, because I think when a station of more than 50 links will not be any advantage to your keyword

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