Several strategies of nternet product design

nowadays, word of mouth marketing is increasing day by day. For example, in Taobao shop, first of all to have a good reputation, otherwise, even if the product function, price has many advantages, the shop’s turnover rate will not be too high, because users can’t often come. Therefore, in the Internet product positioning, design, production stage, you need to be able to fully absorb the user’s recommendations, the urgent needs of users can also be quickly reflected. Innovation workshop Li Kaifu speech in the Internet products, put forward such a view, "explore the solution to the user’s sore spot", which is a good interpretation of the Internet product design strategy.

first, personalized product strategy. Personalized marketing strategy has obvious effects in cultivating customer loyalty, improving user relations and increasing online sales. Personalized marketing include: users can customize the information content, to choose their own love web design form, according to their own need to set the information reception mode and reception time etc.. Give two examples we can come into contact with: WebQQ allows users to add their own Web application according to the corresponding preferences custom desktop themes, custom; remind the way QQ chat allows the user to set the group message (message number is only displayed or pop-up reminder); NetEase mailbox allows the user to set the interface in the style and after landing add mailbox.

secondly, the membership product strategy. This method is mainly in the member website to put advertising links, to increase site visits and improve product sales, at the same time, according to the user click through rate or sales to the site members pay commission. Membership marketing has been proved to be one of the effective marketing methods of e-commerce websites. For example, the NetEase launched last year in the "blog advertising sharing plan" is one example, are invited to join the members can join the blog advertising program, participate in advertising revenue sharing, this mode is to increase membership number and activity, but also can improve the NetEase advertising platform advertising sales promotion for the majority of the a member of the. Making shoes well before a similar example, each of the registered members can take their shoes to open shop, the shop orders through membership registration and transaction amount in the transaction, a proportion will return to its members through the membership promotion to promote the sales of making shoes.

in addition, word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Network marketing to make full use of the Internet and convenient features, the traditional marketing and network technology combine together, through interactive communication between consumer and business sales staff to text, pictures and video information and the reputation of the target customers. Through the discussion of the product, brand, service and other related information, it will deepen the influence and impression of the target customers. Many Internet products, for example, the micro-blog Internet products, are often released some of the more attractive advertisements or video pictures and even some online games in addition, let the fans to participate in interactive, comments, forwarding (these activities.

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