The method of B2B platform operation and some related problems

so-called B2B business platform, perhaps we will first think of Alibaba, that is, B2B e-commerce platform. The B2B website many domestic stay at what stage is different: most of the platform is still in the current supply and demand information, only provide industry information, enterprise information display and so on flow, capital flow and logistics are not involved. Look, domestic too much uneven B2B platform profit model is still the member with the form of advertising, it seems about innovation in this industry is rarely used words, or just find innovation but no execution. So far, most of the B2B platform in my eyes is just a media advertising platform, rather than the so-called electricity supplier trading platform.

Several problems in the operation of

B2B platform:

1: the confusion faced by enterprise users in using B2B platform

1. in the face of many of the website, almost every website slogans are highly consistent: to create what the online trading platform; the profit model is the membership and advertising, let the enterprise can not easily believe that the slogan of


2. sales means a single, that is, telephone sales, almost every day, every enterprise will receive electronic business platform, sales staff sales phone; enterprise users, visual and auditory are numb and irritable

3. is the electricity supplier platform is to allow enterprises to join members, buy advertising, buy keywords, release supply and demand information? Is that so?


4. vendors are harassed every day on the platform of telemarketing, and are faced with too many enquiries or enquiries about their plans, which have been full of hope, often disappointing year after year,

5. is still used offline purchases, and perhaps even if the network can take kickbacks; preferential price again but there is no line of transaction safety and real, always do not believe that the network; or through the network inquiry just about price, then talk about the price and the line supplier will have sufficient advantage of < / p>

6., the integrity of business transactions is not assured; value-added tax invoices; the quality of goods and after-sale problems; binding and distrust of electronic contracts;

two: B2B electricity supplier platform for the operation of stereotypes

1. site architecture is almost no difference, almost stereotyped: supply, buy information, quotes, communities, brands, exhibitions and other

2. website profit model stereotypes: members, advertising sales, keywords ranking, sales, brand promotion and other

3.: nothing, just want to make money to make money for the ultimate goal of all, do not pay attention to the real needs of enterprises

4. platform involves many industry categories, but the website itself has no understanding of the industry, but also more familiar with the Internet Professionals

5. platform rich supply and demand information, but it can not stop the enterprise’s credit crisis

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