Taobao operating plan = Market Research marketing strategy reputation protection

with the development of the times, people’s consumption patterns are becoming more and more diverse, more and more advanced. From the previous coins, it evolved into bank cards, credit cards. To the mobile phone, Alipay payment. From this point of view, more and more people choose to shop online. Many businesses have begun to operate online shop. Well, what are the necessary conditions for a good online shop? Let’s take a look at the following,



, one of Taobao’s operating solutions, market research. Be sure to do a network survey, the entire network of transactions should be familiar with the thorough, and each seller must have operational solutions, which is essential for novice sellers. Therefore, each shop manager to do a good job every day shops operating methods, to design the layout and modules of the shop, designed their own LOGO, good shop promotion.


Taobao’s operating plan two, marketing strategy. Have a certain understanding of what you sell. You can’t ask the customer questions about the subject. As a seller, you don’t know, and you don’t know the product. For example: you buy clothes, many buyers will worry about quality problems, you can give a detailed description of what your clothes made of raw materials, what procedures?. For example, when a customer asks about the size of your clothes and doesn’t suit it, how about after sale service, you must give a detailed description of the size and size of the clothes, and whether it is suitable for the customer’s figure. So, as a seller, you must learn marketing strategy. In this way, you can do better online shop, more well-known.


Taobao’s operating plan three, reputation guarantee. If you do not have credibility guarantee, even if your goods are good, and then cheaper, there is no customer patronage, and then you, and run their own shop, it is even more difficult. Therefore, the reputation guarantee is must be owned by every shop. Why credit guarantee? Mainly because the network platform is virtual, and many people do not believe it can buy goods on the internet. Some people cheated on the Internet, so, the credibility of an online shop is life and death, you do not have credibility, on behalf of no customers, no money. This article is authorized by A5 to publish and publish without permission from the original author. It can not be reproduced and shared in any form or reason.

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