When web sites are like air in the nternet how do you do your web site

The on-line

website construction, need promotion, when asked this question, in two or three years ago is almost certainly the answer, and now, do not jump to conclusions, because the website positioning of different marketing strategies are also different, and the change of Internet is amazing, up to now, almost every company has your own website.

once in a recruitment company personnel work over a period of time, it has been in the past six or seven years, at that time, the recruitment company had no talent website, and a competitor next to have a website. "We also launched a website!" once to the boss advised, "we certainly need to on-line website, but to do a job and as a large portal!" the boss said a face of longing.

less than a year, the Talent Company closed down because of bad operation, like the qianchengwuyou portal site did not see the trace of nature. So this time, there are websites that competitors must be very strong! Unbelievable, the home has site personnel services company yellow, died in a more certain background talent service company.

from this incident can be summed up the experience of the website cannot dominate the market, if you store do not ye, there may not be many websites to business, especially when the market only needs a time, have a web site are very difficult to change the trend.

taobao.com the birth of a miracle, and now the Alibaba mainly do what? We look at recent news, Taobao in the global purchase, to rural Taobao marching, and engage in global shopping, even Ma promised toplia, to create 1 million jobs for the American people. The great thing about Taobao is that it keeps expanding, expanding its field, gaining more users, and creating its own ecosystem. Of course, this ecosystem is built on a web site.

if the website as a Pyramid system, then, Taobao, Jingdong, portals and other high standing in Pyramid, and more thousands of sites are in the lower end of Pyramid. There are many reasons for their existence, but one must admit that an enterprise must have a website. As for whether the website can be sold or not, it is a good fortune,


now, the website for enterprises, should be like air, indispensable, but it may not be able to bring benefits. Some people say that since it is air, it is very difficult to create value. Otherwise, there are many people who live by selling air, for example, companies that make all kinds of gases. From this point of view, future profitable websites can only take up a small part, a tiny fraction of them,

so, we can give the website localization, in the initial search engine very Niubi, a website search engine based on SEO, do optimization, do promotion, even if it is a joke, can high efficiency, get with the flow now, the search engine.

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