Use translation tools to create original articles

original article in improving the weight of the website has an important role, in addition to some interactive type of Web site, the vast majority of personal web site is by collecting to add site data. Even manually add articles, the title changes, but the basic content is still no change, so that the collected articles can be called pseudo original, such articles in the search engine also has a certain position,

There is a class of

is writing articles, the effect is indeed good, but it will spend a lot of time and energy, this method is not desirable! How to get high quality of the original article


well, no wordy, and first of all to recommend several tools

Google language tool Hl=zh-CN

YAHOO translate baby fish

Youdao translation,, keyfrom=fanyi.logo


translation tools believe that everyone is familiar with, so we now have to use these tools to manufacture the original article, first to search the same type of foreign English website according to your website, as recommended by the GOOGLE search, after the search to enter their website for articles, and then in front of several language translation tools, in through simple modifications (translation of the article subject predicate and the order of our Chinese characters are not the same, so to modify) so that an original content came out, this is better than your own writing more quickly. Also if you’re building English website, can also use the translation tools to Chinese content into English content, this is the original


good use of these tools is not high on the level of English people play a great help! As I actually graduated from junior high school, English will be 26 letters, I use the translation tools for their translation for a English station address, although I am blind in English, but I did make use of tools English website, perhaps above some statement is not accurate enough, but with the continuous improvement of translation tools, I believe that the website will become more perfect!