The choice between the website and love a webmaster’s different emotions

people in this life have experienced sour, sweet, bitter, hot to rough bizarre many than script story script! The story is the crystallization of human wisdom, is the sublimation of real life, no matter how tough the inside story of how bizarre, there is always a clue throughout the story. And the difference in life, some things we simply can not predict, and even can not imagine, this is the bizarre life. Rough nature also say, no one’s life is good.

The Internet contact

a year ago, with the network understanding and deepen understanding, especially frequent in a network expert, to make myself clear from the unreal game into the industry in. Like is found already for a long time looking for things in life, though which of webmaster and network did not know too much about, but to dream and the beautiful myth made his passion is far greater than the reason and reality in his heart, really in this nearly obsessed state, so I have made a lot of progress, but also know a lot. Understood the so-called CMS, SEO, IP, GG and so on, maybe God is fair, let you get part of, but also lose some things….

it started from here with the change, for the network and the webmaster know more, but more feel their time is short and tight, wait 24 hours a day on the net, perhaps love, perhaps in the heart which yearns for a long or give yourself to create what is beautiful dream, the beautiful myth network. Take me from an ignorant child completely from A to Z into a webmaster, a Indoorsman, do not stop. The station, update… I do not want to say the webmaster of life, will have the body will get, although with the passage of time, and contradiction between the girlfriend is also more and more, no time to accompany her to the park, no time to go shopping with her, and she had no time to go to bed together to sleep together, even two people with a common language is less and less, and full of IP website.

started, she could understand, watching me so busy every day, and I was telling her every day what dream I had created. But, the stationmaster this road is not too good to go, pay also not necessarily return. Although I feel very hard, but their which station is still in which in which neither dead nor alive hung, 0 at GG which seems never change, with his girlfriend on the side of the irony, I depressed I helpless, I even doubt the webmaster really can earn money…. she also let me give up, I want to give up, I am also very tired, but I need to be more understanding and support you, do stand for what it is, but if not love, not money on the Internet there are so many garbage station flood. I believe I also want to prove that I can make money with the Internet. Along with the accumulation of time, I am used to the freedom of my own time.

she felt I could not speak, and even felt my whole network