The clever use of Baidu Webmaster Platform chain tool to remove the Baidu included horse

some time ago, due to bugs caused by multiple web content is hung gaming content information, delete the Trojan horse, but the horse Baidu included page but all over the last few months still exist and the use of Baidu Webmaster Platform tool chain will submit the horse to delete pages. Here is to share the details of the operation method:

1, website configuration

my website URL for all malicious web pages: Id=90799290418 this format, so we will all this format do 404 redirect page. Here I’m using the phpcms V9 program, all of which I write the redirection code on the index.php page, and the code is as follows:

two, landing Baidu webmaster platform

now we want to delete the URL redirection work is done, the following to Baidu webmaster platform submitted, we want to delete the included URL,

landing Webmaster Platform:, after landing in the left navigation to find the data submission options -> the death of submission, as shown below:

The following

we will establish the following links to the file you want to delete the chain or the horse links all write format in this file, as follows:

upload this file to the directory of the web site and submit the address of the file to the Baidu webmaster platform as follows:

OK! After you submit it, be patient with Baidu!


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