Thinking about the developing direction of classified catalogue station

since I opened a catalogue of own station, I was very concerned about the development of the same type of website, after a period of exploration, discovery and classification of the mainstream non mainstream directory have the same problems and defects.


catalogue most mainstream station (Domz, Yahoo directory, Sina Sogou directory directory, etc.) and non mainstream (Web Directory:;;; my website directory: EDCBA Directory:, the directory includes website frame, login mode, and even profitable way is basically the same, the lack of innovation mode.

and all the current directory station the biggest is the lack of timeliness of information website, website, website automatically automatically update the index information compared with Baidu and Google search engine, website information can not update is the fatal flaw of the classified catalogue. The website has included information cannot be automatically updated, even some website catalog has been closed, or domain name is used for other purposes, but that in the category of information on the website is still the first to visit the content. Even if the directory site provides users modify the site information, but due to the closure of some sites or other reasons, usually will not take the initiative to update information, thus resulting in effective directory website information is reduced, so that users find information is very inconvenient, and ultimately it affects the classification catalog as the website promotion method.

not only makes it difficult for users to obtain valid information through the classified directory, but also means that it is difficult to obtain effective access to the website that registers the classified catalogue. For the mainstream category station, others can be updated by manual intervention, but non mainstream almost all personal website, is impossible to have such human and financial resources.

therefore, in the search engine alone Internet today, the classified catalogue website should keep pace with the times, in the technical corresponding innovation, can adapt to the development of the times. Personally, I think the new classification station requires the necessary intelligence and Humanity:

1. Users only need to submit web addresses, and website classification and website information can be automatically obtained:

two regularly updates website classification and website information;

three, URL invalid automatic detection, automatic deletion;

four, to increase user viscosity, to provide users with personalized network favorites.

five, improve the functionality of the utility, for the webmaster and visitors to provide communication and Q & a platform.


above is only a personal idea, welcome webmaster Paizhuan!