War first and then win desirable strategy for weight loss caused by the

, in the famous author of Bi Shumin’s essay "the most important consultant", recorded her counseling between psychologist and the "most important consultant", Wuwei:


weight loss, a long lasting topic,

, "I (Bi Shumin) said," I think you tried all kinds of weight loss methods.

Wuwei said: "you are only half right, I tried (weight) method, to be fair, in addition to oil absorbing paper (posted on the part of the body to lose weight, it was said that after a certain period of time will be able to automatically suck the body fat, lose weight) is out and out of the deception to outside, other (weight loss) how many methods have some effect, they either use laxatives, or use the western medicine to suppress appetite, every time I can successfully lose weight tens of kilograms.

saw how I could not understand it, and Wuwei said, "yes, every time.". But do you know the rebound? "


I said, ‘yes. That is, the body has returned to its original weight.

said: "Wuwei is not only to restore the original component, strive for further improvement. "I just lost weight again and again, and I became fatter and fatter again and again."".

originally, Wuwei was not fat when he was a child, but since the age of 12, "almost twenty pounds of meat a year," he said."

looked at the Wuwei weight increasing, parents anxious not, want their children to successfully lose weight, immediately become a normal child and other children, all kinds of slimming methods are tried to Wuwei, even the "belly rub" is several people in your belly like and like kneading massage ah, it is said that the abdominal fat particles crushed, so that you can (abdominal fat) new therapy pain excreted ".

but Wuwei parents don’t have time to settle down to the real cause of Wuwei’s weight gain. The only focus of their concern is that Wuwei is too fat and fatter and has to change all at once. Then continue to chase and costly folk prescription slimming products, the latest variety on the market, but the results into a "vicious spiral is more fat to lose weight" of the.

I do not want to jump off the Wuwei parents, but a lesson, enough for training, most of the time most people are thinking and acting like those losers once, because the rush to immediately change their website (life) the unpleasant situation, so without thinking into action to change the status quo — such as people "in order not to suffer indignities and to start, someone to hurry up and get rich entrepreneurs", "in order not to suffer indignities and fried squid boss, there are people that SEO can improve sales, so I have to do SEO" — even when frustrated. Mistakenly think that our failure is because of technical problems, because we are.