Baidu update snapshot do links 4 reminders

recently updated Baidu snapshots of many stations, whether or not the garbage in February 6th (a few snapshots of my station is so different, IP), from this point of view Baidu this time is indeed a wide range of updated snapshot, this let everyone felt relieved that good day will come. But turned back to SITE at many stations (especially new sites) did not increase included ah, it does seem to be out of Baidu style, from the view of this situation, how should I do?

1, some time ago we do Links to Baidu home page for normal standard, unified standard now we should look at the station every day is included, this judgment is now very important, this is a sign of the difference between the weights of the website, some time ago to see a snapshot, this time should look at the inside pages included, for example, in the Baidu site is indeed see every day in the closing pages, indicating that there are still some weight.

2, do friendship link, should insist on looking for long-term links. Frequent replacement of links, a small amount of the need to say, a large adjustment is not good, especially now more important. Baidu only update snapshot means the beginning of the next ranking competition, and links are sometimes regarded as one of the factors of keyword density, so be on the safe side, don’t make random adjustments.

3, the

found that there are still small part of the site is not updated snapshot, the end does not delete the delete, each one according to his lights. Suggest that you search keywords in the title to see if we can in the Baidu index (thousands) ranked in the first two pages or so, the station still has some potential, you don’t need to delete, I do. Of course, further development is necessary to observe the situation.

4, of course, Baidu’s new round of ranking competition, or to content based, this is the fundamental way to cure the problem. Suggest that you have an appropriate daily innovation, so that spiders change appetite is also good.

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