A brief talk on the operation strategy of various local stations

made a little comment on the operation of the local station. I think you are right. If you have something to gain, you should take a brick. For a large number of network from the explosion after now many webmaster is a market segment of this cake, although the income may be less, but better than the last to put up the shutters. Analysis of most of the local stations are what station, according to my analysis is like this:

1, local portal: don’t think they have died miserably, such as a corpse, actually a lot of local portal made out only with appearance, in order to show his large, showing him exclusive local style, is better to have investment, the establishment of enterprise advertising flicker web site. Many places, the portal is not with what flow, the content of old, just follow the trend, and he is alone with this virtual thing coated with a lot of money can be fooled. The long-term goal, of course, is not practical.

2, local classified information: may put more fire at present, a few days ago, the 58 city network announced by Saif 40 million additional investment, many places to stand in your head on the classification of information share should also be a burning. The successful example of the personal website doing local classification information is very poor, because even the eldest brother’s classification information is still groping. What’s the trouble with you when you start a business?.

3, local food reviews: Recently, the market fire what everyone with what, and a public comment, then I come in a niche review is also good. At least you can fool merchants, and make a gourmet card to sell, anyway, let the salesman to fudge it, money came again. I don’t think my website is ugly and I don’t have any user experience at all.

4, local marriage nets: perhaps this market segmentation people still have the brain, at least with the entity network is a more rational collocation, like entity collocation shop selling things, could fire up is great.

8, local forum: set up simple, do this in place, the future profit point is still very big, personally think. But it’s not easy to get started. If it’s a personal website, you can concentrate on it for four or five years. Maybe a little juice remains. Don’t waste your time, because replication is too easy. And the combination of online and offline need to spend a lot of time, do not rule out the single was very successful and some, such as fish community, Hefei forum is a typical example, but their success is based on adhering to the above, a few years is not easy. Putting user experience and stickiness first is what we need to consider.

9, local online shop: This is I have been more optimistic about the market, but not many people involved, the prospects can be described as vast, but limited to a single commodity problem, so many people can not do it.

10, local navigation: this does not say, damn natural death, euthanasia..

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