ndependent electricity supplier new thinking about group buying and flash purchase

1. why are inventories particularly prominent in apparel enterprises?

compared to other industries, the apparel industry has high gross margin characteristics. While in the capital stimulation, China apparel brand, a large part to attack the market distribution strategy, this is a direct consequence of causing inventory base increases, differences of e-commerce directly from the geographical distribution level brought by the direct comparison of the two shows the difference.

2. group purchase and flash purchase is an important difference is: buy inventory is narrow and deep, flash purchase inventory is wide and shallow. What’s the logic of group buying,


group buying is essentially an information platform, from the form should be divided into two kinds, one is physical buy, and the other is the service group buying. The real group purchase somewhat similar to the C2C model, they only provide a platform and value as the information intermediary, despite the long tail market is different from the ordinary C2C, group purchase is select market, but the degree of overlap between the two is very high, this kind of group purchase without any advantage. In contrast, service group buying is the core of group buying. The reason why can become the core, because the C2C platform almost do not pay attention to "push", and coincidentally, Chinese merchants are relatively backward level of information technology, such a market gap to buy the living space. The next thing for the group to do is to diversify the message, not just the coupons.

according to consumer demand for offline services, the black apple blog can roughly divide the information into three categories: one is evaluation, the other is preferential, and the other is geographical location.

earlier, public comment by doing push to become the industry leader, the accumulation of resources become the valuable wealth of comment, do group purchase (essentially do preferential information docking) has also become a part of the "snowball" development; and you need to turn from the group purchase discount information do do need to spend a lot of effort comment.

group purchase will not fall, because the vast majority of the platform will avoid the "mode", this will make the group purchase itself has a good development space, can not drive the key O2O group purchase is to complete customer information.

3. decides how much of this group of users will be obsessed with flash buying and how strong their spending power will be. What about the inventory capability beyond the flash purchase?


in fact, flash mergers and acquisitions can not be considered the only inventory cleaning methods, including B2C, C2C, as well as group buying are channels, as long as willing to sell at low prices, someone will buy at a low price. However, there are two characteristics of flash purchase: one is limited, and the other is limited. Of course, this is also the characteristics of group buying, but as mentioned earlier, the physical buy itself is not feasible. Of course, if we operate in a narrow and deep mode, it is not impossible to turn over. Only in the C2C platform repression, it is difficult to scale, unless the formation of businesses such as Juhuasuan, there are other uses of group buying.

4. flash shopping >

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