How do you learn to improve your data analysis skills

in SEO or engaged in network promotion Bao Chen think one skill is important is the ability of data analysis, data analysis is everywhere, especially in the SEO industry colleagues, even including some operating WeChat public number of friends, all need to have a certain ability of data analysis, only mastered the ability of data analysis, we can better do you want to do, because many related to the website operation, or platform operation field we may not be familiar with the beginning, so you need to continue to understand by itself, and the data analysis, to adjust to make our website operation platform to do better, and more, well, down and Wang Baochen a look at the ability of data analysis:

what is data analysis capability?


first of all we say what is the ability of data analysis and data analysis ability is a question for the existence of things, want to know a little of the parameters or results, and by collecting, sorting data, finally get the results you want to master this skill, this skill itself is the ability of data analysis, and of course more professional data analysts need to master their processes and may be more, here is the ability to master the data analysis of the internet.

data analysis process

there are a few new friends may be curious, still do not understand what is the analysis of the data, then we say in terms of the process of data analysis, it is actually very simple, collect data – data analysis – Data – conclusions. This process is the basic process of data analysis. Through the process of collection, analysis, understanding, we can get some data we want to know, so as to better for their work, career, make the next step of the layout plan.

How does

learn data analysis

SEO also has 8 years old, from the beginning, in fact, more or less contact with the data analysis of this one, because we need to do SEO analysis do good to improve our own peer learning website ranking, the most simple method, such as the SEO, if you have a certain areas of the site, several competitors you can collect the Baidu keywords ranking of the first page of the website, by collecting, recording: they included Baidu, PR, Google, 360 included, and the reverse link, the number of the first domain link, factors such as the site of the year, compared to its website data, so you know a stage its website what work needs to be done to improve their ranking.

Practical application of

data analysis ability

data analysis ability in practical application is very extensive, such as some columnists write summary articles are preliminary data analysis, through the collection of a point to write an article the content they want to eventually come to a conclusion: for example, in the SEO above this, an experienced the SEO Manager or SEO Manager are definitely a >

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