10 tips for adding backlinks

1. finishing a list of reference materials for a topic, summarizes the ten major mysteries of a particular industry, such articles often become authoritative documents, and a large number of references, so as to obtain reverse links.

2. makes content easy to understand, so that more people can read it and spread it for you. It’s important to try to minimize syntax or spelling errors if you want to get links to authoritative sites.

3. releases high-quality articles on websites like Ai Rui and Donews. These websites rank well, and besides increasing the backlinks, they can also bring you a lot of traffic.

4. the article to RSS sites such as shrimp, fresh fruit.

5. platitudes, but really effective, submit the web site to DMOZ (Web site: http://s.dmoz.org/World/Chinese_Simplified/) open directory. There are also some authoritative directories, such as dir.so.163.com, dir.iask.com, 123.sogou.com, etc., you can search Baidu or Google directory, as long as you can join one, you will benefit endless.

6. exchange links, but pay attention to "link farms" (in popular terms, some PR< 5 site navigation). Link should pay attention to the choice and dispersion of link text, if one-way link, the effect will be better.

7. provides free, elegant templates for CMS and Blog systems, adding links to templates to "design by * *". Or develop plug-ins to leave author links.

8. Q & a platform, such as Baidu, YAHOO, Soso Ask know knowledge, pay attention to the time to answer as close as possible to the theme, leave a link to nature, do not see that this is AD, a little well, every day, for a long time to.

9. forum signature and blog comments, such as the Admin5 forum, im286 forum can leave signature links, in the hot paste, paste the message the effect will be good, your topic will be better. Note that some blog links have the "nofllow" attribute, which has no effect on promotion.

10., the most important point, write more high-quality soft Wen, such as "increase the reverse link 10 tips", published in Admin5, you can get a high-quality links.

more than 10 tips, after nearly a year of study and practice summed up, I believe that as long as you can do and adhere to these points, the site ranking will be rapidly improved. Finally, AD my website: http://s.photoshopps.cn/.

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