Example analysis of website traffic halved revenue doubling case

I have a business enterprise mall site, although in the past IP day in about 80~120, but inquiry quantity is very little, order quantity is less, a month not more than 30 orders. Looking at the city counterparts, just a Taobao C shop +58 City advertising, the monthly orders are more than 2 times the author, I am tempted. But for this website, I have invested a lot of energy, so that I give up the site, to plunge into the less familiar with Taobao, the heart unwilling to love. The poor are changed, change the pass, long general, see how the author in 2 months time, let the website profit level multiplier.

1 traffic analysis

as most enterprise stations, the author’s Web site traffic is almost from search engines. But unlike other stations, the author is the first source of traffic is soso, followed by Baidu and 360 soso.

come to the independent IP every day, although there are more than 80, but mostly search "parking lock price", "XX price" such price words, and parking spaces locks, remote control parking spaces lock such key words. Search this kind of word of the consumer, is likely to be some individual buyers, just want to know about the price of this product, when he opened the store to see the price of all products, some consumers think the price is expensive than Taobao, choose the Taobao way; some consumers understand the price, choose to browse a factory, or leave; very few consumers will bargain inquiry.

secondly, compared with other products, the product of automobile locks has regional characteristics. Because the product needs installation, maintenance, occasionally replacement parts and so on. Although a Beijing consumer enters the author’s website and sees its product quality, the price is superior to the local manufacturer, but he definitely chooses the local manufacturer. Because he did not install tools, please install too troublesome. The following is the geographical distribution of the company’s visit to ip.


1, from the source of traffic search words, the website price search word majority, usually the price category search term is a human consumers, the value of the flow without the "XX factory" and "area + product" search term high. Therefore, I need to adjust the optimized keywords.

2, geographically, the author’s location in the surrounding provinces of Hunan, visit IP is not much. In fact, Southern China and customers outside the southwest will not consider Changsha manufacturers. So, I try to improve accurate keywords, precise geographical visit Ip.

two, the right medicine

since you know the problems of the website, the author must be the right remedy, to let the website make the company quick profit.

1, website fine tune

before, the author of 3 websites (mall, investment station, enterprise station) to the national promotion, the author of a person’s energy is limited, in these 2 months

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