How to increase the stickiness of web game site users

also known as WEB games web games, is to use the browser to play the game, it does not need to download the client, any place at any time on any computer can have the joy of the game, especially for the working population."

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is above the simple definition of the web game, Baidu encyclopedia indeed, web games for traditional online games, the biggest advantage of which is simple and convenient, but also has some shortcomings, "game no traditional games of excitement, a lot of people often play only once, or is occasionally play, do not regard him as a long-term play the game. In this way, the web game site has a problem, there is not enough stickiness to attract users, and thus can not get the corresponding profit.

now talk about my own views on how web games sites add user stickiness

1: create user QQ group, the number of users QQ huge also gave birth to the instant communication QQ group, QQ group is the immediate benefits, each group member can speak for the first time by the other members to see, make communication unimpeded. In my own web game station ( as an example, stand on the web game 8 models, each with a different audience, so I will build 8 QQ group, different game player to join the corresponding game group, making the group game player can continue to flow, let they did not feel he was playing a game, they increase the good impression of the game.

2: the construction of web games, forums, forums, has been a network of friends to exchange information, dissemination of popular content network platform. Although the forum is not as interactive and instant as QQ group, but it can bind a huge user base, and with the increasing number of registered members, the forum will increase its activity. Through the forum to engage in some game related activities to enhance the game player interest is a good choice, at the same time, the forum has a tolerance, game player may also go to a game plate to browse, in addition to a game of interest.

3: webmaster build game blog, here said game blog, refers to the webmaster play web game blog. How to better experience the station players on the game, the webmaster must play some of their own game, the personal experience of the game written in the game blog, will let the players feel kind.

web game site must continue to accumulate players, users increase the degree of stickiness, making players active more and more powerful, it is possible to obtain the corresponding profits.

simply say the above points, if there are other good methods and experience, welcome to share with each other.

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