How to do websites on the sustainable nternet two

micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) on an article about the concept on the Internet from the basic trend of development direction, and the user has profit orientation, can draw a conclusion from the understanding of the individual, in today’s Internet marketing mode, the development of the website also gradually appeared diversity and timeliness. Today, I’ll write a sequel to you: strategy, planning and operation mechanism of network marketing.

Often wrong when

novice website is to take the common network marketing methods to read an article, starts to try, eventually did not get good results, did not persist, the site didn’t flow, the blind BB. The owners then searched for the next recipe for Internet marketing and made a conclusion that online marketing was unreliable and useless. In fact, I want to say is, not others marketing means useless, but those grassroots webmaster in the use of when produced a kind of thinking abuse, and the final result is that the site has not grown dead.


currently has a lot of websites with traffic and orders, and they rely on search engine optimization. But there are many webmaster but put their thinking on a SEO, think SEO is the main method of network marketing, in fact, SEO is just one of the methods. Other network marketing techniques are also very effective, such as mass mailing, news soft text, forums and simple red marketing. Although mail is a very annoying one, it is undeniable that email marketing is an early Internet marketing tool, and it has been one of the most effective online marketing tools so far. In addition, there are forum marketing, according to answer questions raised by users to support the entire site traffic and sales. Of course, completely dependent on the forum, only suitable for those who have one or two of the most authoritative, very popular industry forum. In addition, you can also rely on some enthusiasts forum to support the operation of a web site.


to choose a suitable network marketing methods, first of all to take into account their expertise. If you like to play forums, you use forums, and if you like blogging, then write a soft text. When choosing specific network marketing techniques, the characteristics of the website are also to be considered. A website can not be applied to all network marketing practices, it is likely that some of the network marketing practices can not be used.


in fact, no matter which kind of network marketing method is chosen, the most important thing is perseverance and constant innovation. A few months or weeks is not enough, should take years as a unit to calculate, look for a method, always do have effect so far, because the strategy planning and operation mechanism of network marketing is to go its own way, to draw their own experience in the exploration of other methods. (personal sharing is not over yet, so please look forward to how to do it on the Internet for sustainable development

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