Baidu makes me happy

a month ago, for the first time in Admin5 writing articles, rookie start from scratch station experience. Many friends add me QQ, and I exchange links, talk about film network promotion experience.

potato movie network now dropped by Baidu, the heart is not calm, IP also dropped from more than 8000 to hundreds of IP, today in Admin5 grumble, we do not mind.

first talk about hi: this site home page to do SEO, keywords potato, movie network, and potato TV series. Submitted to Baidu less than a week included, can be the old domain name, in 2007 registered, then did a month off, 2008 Summer nothing, take this domain name to start the movie station. Looking at the Internet cloud network movie program, just changed after it was released, a collection of thousands of movies. Then every day to update a few, in doing a few chains, spend 2 hours a day on it. Probably a week later, Tudou is on the first page, fifth, one thousand IP a day. On the night of excitement can’t sleep sleep, finally broke through the small 1000IP. Almost all sources have Baidu, Google only a few IP per day, really depressing. After two days, found that the site can not access, refresh a few times to open, open the statistics found that IP had more than 4000 keywords found potatoes, row on the first page of Baidu, after a while there was Service Unavailable, ask friends to know more than IIS, at a friend’s suggestion to upgrade the space, spent 200 yuan. That night traffic exceeded 8000IP, second days plus a few ads, Ali mother, signature and so on. I made 50 yuan on the first day. I was so happy that I asked my friend for supper. You can make hundreds of dollars in a month.

second days, as usual but good times don’t last long, open the 51la, see not, a look surprised, IP is only more than 10 IP, immediately turn on the Baidu, found by K only home page, ranking also disappeared, something was wrong, the site is down right, not equal to no flow of Baidu that update is not positive, a few days are not online, very sad.

today on the Internet, on the Admin5 to grumble, and write it here, I hope to have experienced friends to Baidu some suggestions, thank you. My QQ is: 316862054

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