Baidu and GOOGLE is not day

you Adsense in doing promotion, have you observed the difference between search engines? I found it. Take the Chinese pesticide network for example, you search directly in Baidu: China Pesticide network, you will find Baidu snapshot and GOOGLE web snapshot difference is too big.

they can catch the different content in the same site, the image on the page is no exception, such as those Chinese pesticide web page advertisement picture above, GOOGLE can see Baidu do not see, so we can easily distinguish the spider crawling pages of Baidu and GOOGLE. In this way, when we do optimization, we must have the focus of the test. To observe our own website user access entrance, if it is from Baidu that this website is mainly target users of Baidu users, then we should focus on grasping the principle of Baidu, Baidu to get more users, and to measure the weight of GOOGLE.

through my observation of the discovery of, Baidu keywords ranking of the audit time is relatively long, for an optimization of the new station when it first released the first pages of your site is your website to review your keywords a ranking; secondly it will go through at least ten observation days give you a rapid ranking; finally it will review you at least fifteen days give you a final ranking, that is to say at a later time as long as your website does not have what change the word keyword ranking does not have a large floating again. At this point the time is usually more than two months, your key words have reached the first two pages. While GOOGLE will soon be able to accept a new things, accept it will give you the position, not what is considered for a long time, I Chinese pesticide net of this key is, in GOOGLE the rising speed quickly, floating is not fixed, not what the final and most early, as long as you have something wrong or inconsiderate of the keywords ranking will be changed, and there is a small margin.

my pesticide network weighs Baidu because the export of pesticides in China is limited, and most of the users who visit the pesticides are the Chinese peasants and some dealers agents who use Baidu. We can moderate the number of search engines according to the different types of users we visit, so our website visits will be more effective.

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