About enterprise website product page layout and optimization related issues

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, to share with you the related issues on the creation of enterprise Baidu encyclopedia entries and the site of the construction of the chain, this time, I will talk about the layout of the page on corporate website product.

is a web site, if the layout is reasonable, will have a good user experience, to a certain extent can increase user viscosity, improve the conversion rate of the site, therefore, reasonable layout is very important. The overall layout of the site includes the layout of the home page, the layout of the list page, the layout of the news page, and the layout of the product page. Every page layout we need to carefully consider important, reasonable arrangement between pages to link, convenient for users to find the information you want to fast, especially the layout of the page, once finalized, try not to midway modified, otherwise it will not countervail. Okay, well, here we start today’s topic:

1. product navigation bar problem.

stood in the user’s point of view, when we are in the bottom of the web page browsing products, the end product, if the enterprises interested in products, must will want to know more about other products, enterprise products thus, navigation function is highlighted, which, by the user’s navigation products the website, conveniently between different product categories to jump and browse products. Thus, the product page must arrange a product navigation bar, and the product classification should be detailed, clear and clear of all enterprise products are displayed in front of the user.

The problem of setting up the title of

2. product.

The setting of

product titles is an important part of the product page. In setting the product title, it is necessary to flexibly embedded keywords, but also to index keywords, each product keywords try to make different. In order to better carry out the work of setting the product title, in the release of products before, we can advance the product related keywords index query, find some partial index of low level words, too hot words are generally big words in their oral language, but will make pertinence mistakes. After the preparation of the work well, when you release the product, you can flexibly insert keywords, or it can be a combination of keywords. If one day you optimize your product page to the forefront of the search results, then you will succeed. Of course, this is our common goal.

3. product picture problem.

product pictures, in addition to product titles, the second most attractive user eye position. Product pictures if successful, it is easy for users to generate the desire to buy, at this point, we can study to successful Tmall businessmen, as far as possible the product picture of the enterprise to do beautiful and generous. Sometimes, we also encounter a problem that is related to this, that is, the size of the picture. If the picture is to be clear, then the picture will naturally be larger, so the page loading speed will be affected, affecting the user experience. In order to solve the problem well, we are in the position >

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