Business closed loop value and problems from online shopping group buying shopping guide talking


when many people talk about "closed loop is a false proposition", I believe that many real people in the industry will reply "ha ha"". The so-called closed-loop Internet, is relying on core products makes every part of the business model of the chain, can realize the value of each link has a circular relationship between interlocking and if any one function once the lack of out of two, cannot be called closed loop.

online shopping is the most typical business model closed loop, and now the word "closed loop" is often applied in O2O mode. Lenovo group buying and shopping guide industry, their industry is actually in the process of building a closed loop are at different stages, the overall business system there are many places need to fill in. But perhaps it is this incompleteness that has infinite commercial potential.

two forms of commercial closed loop

starts with the two examples I’ve come across to illustrate the value of commercial closed loops:


was in Beijing, go to the store to buy a IM series of Parker pen, then the counter price is 160 yuan, I have no discount when asked the teller, he directly recommended me to buy Tmall flagship store, is now doing activities only need 150 yuan, was the handsome cabinet member moved xilihuala.

is another example to a very good restaurant (to avoid business trouble, so hidden name) to eat the shuttle side of the fish, after the meal, I asked the waiter there is a coupon, took out a mobile phone to take advantage of the public comment client to check, then the waiter told me, you don’t have to download coupons. We, according to the price after discount for you……

these two things brought no small revelation to me, in the first example, the clerk to see my guy Parker removed pretty cute (narcissistic look, do not spray it) factors, he took the initiative to recommend a preferential channel, that he didn’t mind I was from Tmall to buy or buy directly from the store, even was also intended to guide me to visit their Tmall flagship store. But in the second case, the waiter was obviously intent on letting me steer clear of public comment and make a more direct deal between myself and them. Of course, it seems to us that the behavior of the shop assistant must be inspired by the boss.

is also integrated into the online link, why one intends to cater to, but one can not avoid it. In fact, the biggest reason for these two attitudes is the value of the closed loop.

I bought at Tmall store, as long as the normal process, no problems such as after-sales, then I usually give a high praise. Even if I forget, a few days later, Tmall will default to a favorable comment. And these praise, can give this shop and this commodity bring the accumulation of a few credit, in order to attract more people to buy.

and I download coupons via public comment, and the merchant is actually + >

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