Know your customers 3 proposals from a company with a market capitalization of 285 million


technology is changing the way contemporary entrepreneurs keep in touch with their business, their teams, and their industry. Among them, mastering more advanced technology and ideas will help innovators to be at the cutting edge of the trend.

for entrepreneurs, few things are important or challenging, and they can be compared with the right customers. With the target consumer contact is the key to any business development, but start-ups are faced with a particular problem, they in order to win the customer’s attention to and some large and long established companies face to face confrontation.

is just over 10 years ago, the network marketing company Constant Contact is still a little-known start-ups, in the fierce competition in the industry in the innovation of science and technology for 5000 clients only provide services and new customers in the net uninterrupted.

So what will

was a Constant Contact transformation into a toddler in the past year the amount of customers up to 600000, $285 million 400 thousand of the company? The last time the company CEO Gail · Goodman face-to-face interview reveals the answer to the question, the answer is composed of three parts, namely understanding the customer, the clear definition of the business philosophy and build team. The dialogue also provides some expert marketing advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

understands customers. Constant Contact was founded in 1999 in Waltham, Massachusetts, in. It was originally founded with only 7 employees, and since then he has been the head of the company. Goodman believes that understanding the customer is the key to the company’s success, as well as for her own career. In fact, Goodman, formerly an employee of the IBM’s mainframe subsystem design division, later left the tech world to study her MBA program because she was determined to narrow the distance between technology and customers.

, "I wrote in a paper to business school," I want to help build a bridge for connecting the actual needs of technology, research and development and customers. "." The final at Dartmouth’s Tucker School of business Goodman said. "My career now follows this path."

but as many entrepreneurs are quick to realize, saying is much easier than saying. To provide email marketing and other digital tools Constant Contact for small businesses, an important step in learning how to effectively promote its services to the right customer needs is three, namely: test, test and test.

"there are so many things we need to think about and solve." Goodman explained.

when the product was finally released, it did very well.


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