nternet business success five website management and maintenance

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

site internal links, that is, under the domain name links, such as columns, links between pages. Do the optimization of the internal links, will enhance the user experience of web browsing, and help to enhance the competitiveness of the site.


1. column navigation is sorted by importance

Now most of the

program website provides the default navigation function, most of the sites are established in accordance with section navigation order, so you can make some of the column display is not important in the important position. In fact, in a website, often have the main column, these columns are usually updated every day, and most visitors are looking for the content of the column. For such a column, it should be placed in the important navigation position.

according to the importance of sorting, can also be reflected in the column settings, a website usually has many levels of columns, such as news column can be divided into sports news, entertainment news, etc.. And if the website emphasizes or hit the main column, it should be given a level column directory, in the station link should also focus on display.


Column navigation

site is the main route of search engine spiders index website, but also link the website column, column navigation recommended use of text, we should avoid the format of flash navigation, if you need to use the image navigation, also need to specify ALT content in image links.

2. check errors, avoid dead links in the station

is unable to access the dead link invalid links in the process of construction site, often because of maintenance or time reasons, resulting in a lot of useless "," these suggestions not to delete, but if the page has been deleted, you must use a link query tool, the dead link station clearance, so you can improve the user access experience, at the same time to search engine friendly.

to check the dead links within the site, the site can use dead link detection tool (http://s.seores.com/link/checkbad.asp), enter the URL detection needs, you can easily query the invalid links inside.


diagram 1

3. friendly hint setting access error

search engine optimization is to visitors as the basic end, some have been included in "delete often search index still exists in the engine, so it is easy to appear in visitors can not access the situation, suggesting that the 404 error.


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