Talking about the precautions for students to do websites


lamented the employment situation and the current status of the development of the Internet would not say, want to say here is that the students with general personal Adsense website to consider the problem is slightly different, but now the number of students, the scale and trend, so we should give enough discussion to this group concerned with the necessary


in brief, the student stationmaster should pay attention to the following aspects.

1, site positioning

generally do your best, after all, there is a relatively stable network of contacts and relevant expertise placed there. Now the school culture is the pursuit of "high, refined and specialized" talent, cultivate a website to cultivate a person is quite similar, precise positioning, can solve the problems of an industry website is welcome. And it also creates an atmosphere for professional communication. A station that has nothing to do with a major can grow a lot of knowledge, but it can only be developed as an interest. Garbage station here does not say, for students is somewhat eager for quick success and instant benefit.

two, feasibility

in fact, the feasibility is to run through all station processes. A bit of traffic and stability of the station, the space domain name a few hundred years down. Some friends may have to ask people to do some design and spend some money. These costs may be insignificant for commuters, but students will need to consider the. Calculate the approximate cost, and want to be good, after the website operation, profit model, just don’t make money money website, certainly can’t do it. Then, take some time to take care of your website every day. It doesn’t affect your normal life and study. Think the cost can be accepted, the time available, as well as operations, profit model is more clear, then it is feasible to do a website.

three, procedures, content, promotion,

talking about the troubles, complicated. Here only general say. The necessary basic knowledge of the website is sure to be mastered, and there is a good place for questioning, learning and communication. It is not a difficult thing to do with the guidance of friends and classmates, because of outdated, A5 and so on. Online CMS procedures so much, use up fool convenience, just need to do a good job template, after all, do stand young, most of your web site is also young people, can not see too much of the past. The content of the website needs to be added for a long time. Professional related websites need to add relevant content. Promotion of life line, the direct use of contacts, useful and practical, is the unswerving pursuit. Also, look at several books or videos, and do templates related, such as CSS tutorials, and traffic related, such as SEO. A basic understanding of CSS will make you gain a lot. And the vast majority of Chinese people use Baidu, can not ignore its powerful. If you can plan to learn these things, it doesn’t take much time, but it needs long-term practice and application.

four, the site is not all of you,

has a lot of friends to do the original intention of the station is to make money. That’s normal. Just visit a webmaster class forum, you can see so and so

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