Reasons for no traffic on self profiling sites

in the ADMIN5 Adsense nets to see Tongren webmaster experience sharing also has nearly half a year, their small size made the completion of the two station, the flow is unstable, improvement is very small, it should be said that the improvement in small, now a day IP1000+, not to another 50 thousand. In the webmaster nets see many webmaster everyone can easily get on like tens of thousands of IP, feel special every day slaving away bad luck, also so a few IP, is not stable. Always send a sigh of emotion to oneself: why is your destiny so bad? A lot of no flow of colleagues, you also so sigh yourself?


then may every day come to stationmaster net, check every day, see the article, looking at your successful experience webmaster, hoping to get from the Scriptures, the buddha. But it seems that always do not have their own meaning, I always feel that colleagues said that the webmaster is too simple, no steps; or that it is very superficial, there is no example. Or feel exaggerated, what three days IP thousands of million; or that it is difficult, complex operation, not suited to their own.

a webmaster said: "site to original or pseudo original; B webmaster said:" to stick it, send a paste can bring tens of thousands of traffic. Third webmaster said: "to blog, do the chain can bring good weight.". Ding webmaster said: do stand, that is to insist. Looking at the webmaster class web site, do you feel all the same, all say go to BBS post, say to original or pseudo original, all said to insist on. Just every webmaster to BBS hair stick word content is different, original or pseudo original articles different, time arrangement is different. What is done is the same in the final analysis.

I began to ask myself: original or false original I do? How much do? Is a day, two days, or from the beginning to the end? Post Bar to post? How much hair? Is the moderator to delete, or why No one shows any interest in?? how did you reach the lead IP don’t say tens of thousands, hundreds of dozens have? And? 1 and 2? You do not deny others say is false. The chain number continues to grow? How much chain me? Go to Baidu to find a good ranking page (the best is a small personal website) to see how others do the chain? Chain family are located in what place, the chain is how to produce? I think it is clear: the forum is not the blog, the blog is not more, is not network favorites. This is not what your successful webmaster share out of experience,


maybe I’m thinking about whether a method is really useful, maybe you sent a post again, and then added a chain, and attracted more spiders, and increased the number of traffic.

think of elementary school teacher said, "the sky won’t lose money, even if money, also want to get up from the bed to pick up, can’t just lie in bed, want to, or up early, otherwise will be picked up by others.".

decided to make the following arrangements for himself: 3-5 original or pseudo original articles every day as the starting point for search engines

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