Talking about the free domain name contacted

my first contact free domain name, then only two free domain name, even though there are one or two claimed to have free top-level domain, or to pull off the assembly line to make the flow, or to increase the degree of active forum (of course, you are how irrigation is not up to the requirements for a free domain name, and later found the) the RU domain name, then excitedly to apply, but the drawback is obviously RU free domain name: 1. only two grade 2. is difficult to apply. Once in use is LZQ RU free domain name application software, which in the program interface, will write "free international domain name application, I began to believe that there is still not a free international domain name, even if there is some pseudo free international domain name, such as XXX.CO.CC, or that I mentioned earlier.

came to the Ivy forum, see the announcement "forum" millet "for the top-level domain name to (Domain Name: freedom of choice, as long as it is not registered), will enter to see God, all is astronomical. 1000 millet (BBS forum for free domain name currency), in order to change CN, COM.CN, NET.CN, ORG.CN such a free domain name one, and 2000 millet to exchange free international domain name one…… There is even higher, and at that time the initial integration of the forum is relatively low, replies seem only 1 millet, posting only 2 millet. Even though I thought it was a long way to get a free domain name, I stayed at the forum for a couple of days with a wait-and-see attitude. But in the past few days, Ivey forum administrator Wenwen started to raise points, although the replies are unchanged, but the post 5 millet. Although the requirements compared to lower, but if you want to get the mind free domain name, you need to send 200 theme posts, or even higher. But there is no free domain name than free domain name, the spirit of "life, get free domain name more than the principle", also began to post in the forum in the ivy.

to the post Ivey forum found that, in fact, millet is good for, if your post is original, Wen Wen will be generous with a little millet, after all Ivy forum is for Adsense service. During this time, I also sent a lot of posts. For a free COM domain name, access to millet is not only the post, if you have any good suggestions on Ivey forum, Wenwen will be appropriate plus millet; and if you came in the forum, as long as you send a report reports post, every time, millet plus ".

I started the Ivey forum to send free domain activities is not understood, after all, the forum also need to earnings, if every day this is a free CN domain name, it is a free COM domain name, and even more expensive CC domain name, ME domain, NAME domain name, if these names are free to send, do not lose the forum dead caiguai. But in fact, Ivey forum is to build a platform for the exchange of webmaster, here not only has a domain name, and space, record, energy-saving, these are free. And lately, it’s more of a plan

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