Open Taobao shop to see how to use the nternet thinking on Amazon selling mattresses sold first

Daehee Park and JT Marino two people left their work in science and technology start-ups, decided to go it alone, but they choose the field of entrepreneurship and professional cattle Wind Horse own phase and, perhaps it is time for the traditional industries to make the change.

, the two chose the mattress industry.

for a long time, leading the mattress industry is three S at the beginning of large enterprises, they are Simmons, Serta and Sealy, and the two is in the field of professional digital entrepreneurs how to look like is to catch the edges of the mattress industry. But now, Park and Marino are already Tuft&, the founders of Needle. They used the high-tech industry thinking to operate mattress business (small series): is this the legendary Internet thinking?

(unconscious) – this way of thinking is: by reducing middlemen and controlling prices, offering better, more affordable products and profiting from them.

based on this thinking, their mattresses can be purchased directly, and Tuft& in the company’s official website or the Amazon website; Needle mattress also provides high contact customer service, as of now, the company has the highest sales to Amazon ranking. Tuft&: Needle’s mattress products won top rankings not only in the Amazon bed mat class, but also in the furniture category of the online retail giant. On Amazon, there were 212 Tuft & and Needle mattress reviews, of which 188 buyers gave five-star ratings.

their income is naturally good. In 2013, the company’s sales reached $1 million, which was just the first year of Tuft&’s Needle, and their sales had exceeded $500 thousand in January and February of this year. By the end of 2014, Tuft& expects Needle’s sales to reach $5 million. But for the nearly $7 billion mattress Market in the United States, this may be a drop in the bucket, but it is worth noting that in the mattress industry, you rarely see companies with five times as much revenue.


is now profitable," the two company founder said in an interview.

, Park, and Marino were in Losangeles before, and they worked in Mulu, a technology start-up. In 2012, Marino bought a $more than 3000 mattress, but the quality wasn’t good, so he decided to enter the industry. The two pretended to be the owner of a small mattress shop and called the surrounding mattress suppliers to learn the cost of making mattresses, and they tried to uncover the $more than 3000 bed

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