Reasons for no traffic on self profiling sites

in the ADMIN5 Adsense nets to see Tongren webmaster experience sharing also has nearly half a year, their small size made the completion of the two station, the flow is unstable, improvement is very small, it should be said that the improvement in small, now a day IP1000+, not to another 50 thousand. In the webmaster nets see many webmaster everyone can easily get on like tens of thousands of IP, feel special every day slaving away bad luck, also so a few IP, is not stable. Always send a sigh of emotion to oneself: why is your destiny so bad? A lot of no flow of colleagues, you also so sigh yourself? read more

Refute even if the product is shit you have to operate it


article: "even if the product is shit, as the operation also should do it up" similar words, do not know which man that comes out of your mouth, but the words came out, seems to open up a very good atmosphere, it seems, as long as the boss found the direction to make the product, whether good or bad, the operation to make it great performance.

answered a question yesterday: "the biggest thing about the operation is" even if the product is a mess, you have to go out, "but what if it’s always stinky?" read more

Talking about the free domain name contacted

my first contact free domain name, then only two free domain name, even though there are one or two claimed to have free top-level domain, or to pull off the assembly line to make the flow, or to increase the degree of active forum (of course, you are how irrigation is not up to the requirements for a free domain name, and later found the) the RU domain name, then excitedly to apply, but the drawback is obviously RU free domain name: 1. only two grade 2. is difficult to apply. Once in use is LZQ RU free domain name application software, which in the program interface, will write "free international domain name application, I began to believe that there is still not a free international domain name, even if there is some pseudo free international domain name, such as XXX.CO.CC, or that I mentioned earlier. read more

Open Taobao shop to see how to use the nternet thinking on Amazon selling mattresses sold first

Daehee Park and JT Marino two people left their work in science and technology start-ups, decided to go it alone, but they choose the field of entrepreneurship and professional cattle Wind Horse own phase and, perhaps it is time for the traditional industries to make the change.

, the two chose the mattress industry.

for a long time, leading the mattress industry is three S at the beginning of large enterprises, they are Simmons, Serta and Sealy, and the two is in the field of professional digital entrepreneurs how to look like is to catch the edges of the mattress industry. But now, Park and Marino are already Tuft&, the founders of Needle. They used the high-tech industry thinking to operate mattress business (small series): is this the legendary Internet thinking? read more