About enterprise website product page layout and optimization related issues

In front of

, to share with you the related issues on the creation of enterprise Baidu encyclopedia entries and the site of the construction of the chain, this time, I will talk about the layout of the page on corporate website product.

is a web site, if the layout is reasonable, will have a good user experience, to a certain extent can increase user viscosity, improve the conversion rate of the site, therefore, reasonable layout is very important. The overall layout of the site includes the layout of the home page, the layout of the list page, the layout of the news page, and the layout of the product page. Every page layout we need to carefully consider important, reasonable arrangement between pages to link, convenient for users to find the information you want to fast, especially the layout of the page, once finalized, try not to midway modified, otherwise it will not countervail. Okay, well, here we start today’s topic: read more

Business closed loop value and problems from online shopping group buying shopping guide talking

when many people talk about "closed loop is a false proposition", I believe that many real people in the industry will reply "ha ha"". The so-called closed-loop Internet, is relying on core products makes every part of the business model of the chain, can realize the value of each link has a circular relationship between interlocking and if any one function once the lack of out of two, cannot be called closed loop.

online shopping is the most typical business model closed loop, and now the word "closed loop" is often applied in O2O mode. Lenovo group buying and shopping guide industry, their industry is actually in the process of building a closed loop are at different stages, the overall business system there are many places need to fill in. But perhaps it is this incompleteness that has infinite commercial potential. read more

Know your customers 3 proposals from a company with a market capitalization of 285 million

technology is changing the way contemporary entrepreneurs keep in touch with their business, their teams, and their industry. Among them, mastering more advanced technology and ideas will help innovators to be at the cutting edge of the trend.

for entrepreneurs, few things are important or challenging, and they can be compared with the right customers. With the target consumer contact is the key to any business development, but start-ups are faced with a particular problem, they in order to win the customer’s attention to and some large and long established companies face to face confrontation. read more

nternet business success five website management and maintenance

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

site internal links, that is, under the domain name links, such as columns, links between pages. Do the optimization of the internal links, will enhance the user experience of web browsing, and help to enhance the competitiveness of the site.


1. column navigation is sorted by importance read more

Talking about the precautions for students to do websites


lamented the employment situation and the current status of the development of the Internet would not say, want to say here is that the students with general personal Adsense website to consider the problem is slightly different, but now the number of students, the scale and trend, so we should give enough discussion to this group concerned with the necessary


in brief, the student stationmaster should pay attention to the following aspects.

1, site positioning

generally do your best, after all, there is a relatively stable network of contacts and relevant expertise placed there. Now the school culture is the pursuit of "high, refined and specialized" talent, cultivate a website to cultivate a person is quite similar, precise positioning, can solve the problems of an industry website is welcome. And it also creates an atmosphere for professional communication. A station that has nothing to do with a major can grow a lot of knowledge, but it can only be developed as an interest. Garbage station here does not say, for students is somewhat eager for quick success and instant benefit. read more

Reasons for no traffic on self profiling sites

in the ADMIN5 Adsense nets to see Tongren webmaster experience sharing also has nearly half a year, their small size made the completion of the two station, the flow is unstable, improvement is very small, it should be said that the improvement in small, now a day IP1000+, not to another 50 thousand. In the webmaster nets see many webmaster everyone can easily get on like tens of thousands of IP, feel special every day slaving away bad luck, also so a few IP, is not stable. Always send a sigh of emotion to oneself: why is your destiny so bad? A lot of no flow of colleagues, you also so sigh yourself? read more

Refute even if the product is shit you have to operate it


article: "even if the product is shit, as the operation also should do it up" similar words, do not know which man that comes out of your mouth, but the words came out, seems to open up a very good atmosphere, it seems, as long as the boss found the direction to make the product, whether good or bad, the operation to make it great performance.

answered a question yesterday: "the biggest thing about the operation is" even if the product is a mess, you have to go out, "but what if it’s always stinky?" read more

Talking about the free domain name contacted

my first contact free domain name, then only two free domain name, even though there are one or two claimed to have free top-level domain, or to pull off the assembly line to make the flow, or to increase the degree of active forum (of course, you are how irrigation is not up to the requirements for a free domain name, and later found the) the RU domain name, then excitedly to apply, but the drawback is obviously RU free domain name: 1. only two grade 2. is difficult to apply. Once in use is LZQ RU free domain name application software, which in the program interface, will write "free international domain name application, I began to believe that there is still not a free international domain name, even if there is some pseudo free international domain name, such as XXX.CO.CC, or that I mentioned earlier. read more

Open Taobao shop to see how to use the nternet thinking on Amazon selling mattresses sold first

Daehee Park and JT Marino two people left their work in science and technology start-ups, decided to go it alone, but they choose the field of entrepreneurship and professional cattle Wind Horse own phase and, perhaps it is time for the traditional industries to make the change.

, the two chose the mattress industry.

for a long time, leading the mattress industry is three S at the beginning of large enterprises, they are Simmons, Serta and Sealy, and the two is in the field of professional digital entrepreneurs how to look like is to catch the edges of the mattress industry. But now, Park and Marino are already Tuft&, the founders of Needle. They used the high-tech industry thinking to operate mattress business (small series): is this the legendary Internet thinking? read more