Paul Slowe brings lots of baggage – Jagdeo tells Granger

first_imgService Commission appointmentsOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday informed President David Granger that he has reservations about Paul Slowe being appointed to head the Police Service Commission. He explained to the Head of State that Slowe has “baggage” which may cause him to be biased in carrying out his duties.This discussion took place between the two leaders when they met at State House to discuss the appointment of the Public and Police Service Commissions.Thursday’s meeting was the first set of “meaningful consultations” these two leaders had to discuss the appointment of the two constitutional bodies since the National Assembly approved the nominees last month.Updating the media after the meeting, Jagdeo said he explained to the President that, in addition to Slowe being politically affiliated with the A Partnership National Unity (APNU), for whom he had campaigned during the 2015 national elections, the former Assistant Commissioner of Police, who had been denied a promotion before his 2010 retirement, also brings issues within the Guyana Police Force.“Now that he is going to head the Police Service Commission, I think he will bring two sets of baggage with him. One, the political approach to the job; that is, judging people based on politics; and secondly, he has a lot of interpersonal problems with many members of the Police Force, and old scores, I believe, to settle; and therefore that could harm his judgement,” Jagdeo outlined.The Opposition Leader noted that President Granger indicated that he would speak with Slowe to ensure that he acts impartially, and not “bring baggage to the job”.Slowe returned to the limelight last year when he was handpicked by the Head of State to carry out a commission of inquiry (COI) on the GPF’s handling of allegations in relation to the existence of a plot to assassinate the President. In his report, Slowe had recommended major reshuffling of the Force’s hierarchy, as well as sanctions against several high level ranks.The life of the previous Police Service Commission ended last September, and there have since been calls for appointment of the new Commission to be expedited, since the Force has lost nearly a dozen senior ranks to retirement.Jagdeo went on to say that, during Thursday’s meeting, the President and he also had discussions about other issues, including the appointment of a Police Commissioner, on which the Head of State said they would have consultants at a subsequent meeting.The Opposition Leader has said he nevertheless mentioned how he had gone about as Head of State to appoint a Police Commissioner during his regime.“I pointed out the way I approached the selection of the Police Commissioner when we selected Felix; the open, transparent ways. We [had gotten] the four top officers, send them off for training, ranking them, and then [Winston] Felix came out number one in the ranking…” Jagdeo related.In regard to the Public Service Commission, the Opposition Leader said, he also raised concerns stakeholders have indicated about the nominees for the Public Service Commission. Last month, the National Assembly approved Vincent Bowman and Mortimer Livan as nominees for the Commission, which expired back in August last year.“Some people called me yesterday, since they found out who the nominees were, and they indicated that they had some issues with some of the nominees. I had an obligation to bring these issues to the attention of the President. Nevertheless, I pointed out to him it’s his call, because he has to fulfill the constitutional requirement of meaningful consultation,” Jagdeo posited.At Thursday’s meeting with the Opposition Leader, the President was joined by State Minister Joseph Harmon and the Legal Affairs Minister, Attorney General Basil Williams; while Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira and Anil Nandlall accompanied the Opposition Leader to the meeting.last_img read more

Corruption, overemployment, bankruptcy swarms City Hall – Gaskin

first_imgCity Hall CoI…calls for criminal charges to be laidThe Mayor and City Council’s unbalanced and bankrupted condition is linked to corruption, incompetence and the embezzlement of resources with those in superiority being the central malefactors.This was the position shared by former presidential advisor Ramon Gaskin who submitted his witness statement and evidence before retired Justice Cecil Kennard at Wednesday’s Commission of Inquiry at the Critchlow Labour College on Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands, Georgetown.“Mismanagement, corruption and incompetence and stealing… They’re too incompetent and unqualified… City Hall is bankrupt like the Berbice Bridge,” said the former consultant.Gaskin made these remarks based on his contact with employees of the Council in 2012, but also shared his views as an economist.In 2009, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest), Keith Burrowes had carried out an extensive inquiry into the state of affairs at City Hall.This led to Gaskin’s appointment in May of 2012 to verify if the recommendations from the report were implemented. Upon investigating, it was found that none of these recommendations were applied to the operations of the local organ body.“He (Burrowes) did the inquiry for the City Council in 2009 and in 2012, he hired me to go and inquire if they had implemented any of his recommendations. I got the opportunity to go there… The recommendations of Burrowes were not implemented.”While that report was submitted the following June, the economist said he delved into other matters of the Council where astonishing financial procedures and other questionable incidents were unearthed. From those signals, he is of the belief that the Town Council has adequate revenues to sustain operations but it is being hindered by mishandling of funds.Being tasked to provide him with a list of outstanding revenues and taxes, staffersCity Treasurer John Douglasprovided documents which indicated that over $12 billion were owed from businesses and taxpayers.“They’re bankrupted now but that’s because of their own mismanagement of the financial affairs of the city… The amount owed to City Council at that time was $12 billion. It’s a confronted lie that they don’t have money. If they run the place properly, they will have enough money to do their work,” he said.Documents provided to the Commission revealed that on one occasion, a payment of $2,845,125 was made to an entity under the name MTM General Contraction and Services but the letterhead only had the company title with no address or contact number.A noted inscribed at the bottom of the letter was written by the then City Engineer, instructing that the cheque be written to a person instead.“No address, no telephone number, no nothing. The engineer is telling the chief accountant how to write this cheque in the name of this person in his own handwriting.”OveremploymentAnother issue which seemed baffling was the quantity of individuals that the Council employed, amounting to over 800. The doubled workforce causes a steep increase in the payroll and it is one which City Hall cannot sustain.“You have over 800 persons to pay every Friday. Right now the payroll is over $100 million per month to find for these people. Any time you got 800 people working in a place where you only need 300 and you have to find $100 million aEconomist Ramon Gaskin,month to pay them, then you’re in big trouble,” Gaskin advised.Under-qualified persons are also acquiring posts that do not suit their qualifications.One such instance is the appointment of the Internal Auditor, Omadeily Newton, who possesses only a Public Management Degree. For Gaskin, an auditor should have accounting qualifications and experience.“Auditing is part of the whole accountancy profession. To learn to do auditing, you have to learn accountancy.”Adding to that, the person should operate independently but Newton works from the Town Clerk’s Office which is extremely contradicting.One of Burrowes’ recommendations was for the establishment of an Internal Audit Department which never materialised. In the City Treasury Department, Gaskin is certain that a majority of the persons are not trained in accountancy.He pointed out that in the year 2000, the Auditor General at that time had stated that they hadn’t conducted any financial assessment of the Council in one decade. Following up in 2016, an announcement was made that no audits were orchestrated in 12 years.“The whole accountancy and books and ledger were wrong…”19 allowancesDuring 2012, 19 allowances were disbursed when the need arose and was distinct from the employees’ monthly salary. A list was tendered for evidence and coincides with one that was submitted by the Audit Office of Guyana.The stipends included acting, cashier, clothing, commuted overtime, double-time, duty, entertainment, honour, housing, increment on salary, laundry, leave passage, meals, overtime, premium, responsibility, risk allowance and travelling, retroactive payments and miscellaneous.“They had 19 different types of allowances on top of your salary. Isn’t that a nice place to work? By now, they might have more than 19.”While the Town Clerk Royston King is considered “the epicenter” of corruption and has been “getting the brunt of the “attack”, Gaskin posited that the abuse of power has led to several violations of the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01.In his final recommendation, Gaskin called for criminal charges to be laid after the probe against those persons who are guilty of any offences while on duty at the Georgetown Town Council, as well as a complete overhaul of its management body.last_img read more

Guyana celebrates 165 years of Chinese arrival

first_img…President hails contributions of ChineseOn January 12, 1853, the first batch of 252 Chinese immigrants arrived in then British Guyana as part of the indentureship programme.They have ever since been making tremendous contributions to the diversity of Guyana. To commemorate the second annual Chinese Arrival Day, President David Granger said Guyana will forever be opened to accepting Chinese immigrants.In January of 2017, President David Granger declared January 12 as ChineseThe Dragon Dance performed by the Chinese Association DancersArrival Day, and in commemoration of the second celebration, the President underscored the importance of the contribution of the Chinese towards national development.The commemoration event was held at the Windsor Forest Primary School on the West Coast of Demerara. When the Chinese indentured immigrants arrived in Guyana, they settled at Windsor Forest, La Jalousie and Pouderoyen, with only one being sent to the Essequibo Coast.President Granger has noted that, to this date, large numbers of Chinese nationals are migrating to Guyana for various entrepreneurial reasons. He added that they would forever be welcome.“Chinese are still arriving today, not as labourers but as investors, visitors, workers; as entrepreneurs… They are welcome again as they were welcome in 1853… Chinese entrepreneurs are extending their influence and expanding their involvement in the commercial, construction, hospitality and mining sectors. They are continuing to contribute to Guyana’s growth,” the President noted.He added that continuous immigration of Chinese to Guyana attests to the excellent relations between the two countries, and he pledged that his administration will continue to work with this major international partner to advance a common vision.He noted, too, that the intensification of cooperation between Guyana and China — particularly in the areas of defence, education, economic development, health, infrastructural development and security — promotes mutual benefits for both Guyana and China. This, he said, is a fitting tribute to Chinese ancestors on this, the 165th anniversary of their arrival.Meanwhile, Charge d’ Affairs at the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Guyana, Chen Xilai, committed his Government’s participation in the strengthening of bilateral relations with Guyana.“It also demonstrates the great importance that Guyana holds towards sustaining cordial relations with China… The preservation of the inherent Chinese traditional culture has assisted in enhancing the richness and diversity already present in the Guyanese culture. The Chinese living in Guyana treat this nation as their second home,” he said.Xilai added that Guyana was the first English speaking Caribbean country to establish diplomatic relations with China, in 1972.Minister with the responsibility for Culture, Dr George Norton, said the contributions of the Chinese immigrants cannot be downplayed, since they are involved in a number of sectors. He noted that there would be further collaborating with the Embassy for further partnership in the fields of sports and social inclusion.“Chinese input to Guyana’s development cannot be underestimated…today marks the first celebration of this nature of Chinese Arrival Day in Guyana’s history, but it is certainly not the last. I will ensure that this day remains a prominent feature on the calendar of national events in this country,” Dr. Norton said.The day’s events included the Chinese Association of Guyana donating a number of school and sanitation supplies to the Windsor Forest Primary School, which holds the Chinese Indentured Immigrants Monument, and is also the birth place of Guyana’s first President, Arthur Chung.Over the years, the strong, comprehensive programme of bilateral cooperation has resulted in Guyana benefiting from the services of the Chinese medical doctors and technicians, the donation of equipment to the health sector, the educational work of the Confucius Institute, the support given to the Bertram Collins College of the Public Service, the donation of scientific equipment to the tune of $50 million to the Cyril Potter College of Education, infrastructural support for the expansion and renovation of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), the widening of the East Coast Demerara Public Road, and the donation of vehicles and other equipment to the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force.Chinese indentured immigrants arrived in British Guiana aboard the ship Glentanner on January 12, 1853. The first 262 were joined, five days later, by an additional 85 indentured immigrants who disembarked from another ship, the ‘Lord Elgin’.Unfortunately, more than half of the passengers who were on board the Lord Elgin died from sulphurated hydrogen poisoning while en route to Demerara, but a third ship arrived two months later with another 300 immigrants.last_img read more

Veterans honoured with Legion legacy table project

first_imgThe new additions are accompanied by several chairs donated by the Fort St. John Lions Club, which also contributed window dressings, lighting, and a digital picture frame to the room.Legion Secretary Marilyn Hunter spearheaded the project, looking to honour those who gave Canadians the freedom they have today. “To come in this room and see what’s here, people don’t really realize what the Legion has to offer this community,” she says. “This summer, along with some ladies, I thought about how we could honour veterans this year and came up with this idea and it just snowballed and grew and grew and grew.” – Advertisement -The initiative is still growing, as Hunter says another 30 pictures are ready to processed, and it’s expected another six tables will be produced. Another “snapshot” table will be created as well, to include photos not large enough or that don’t match the others. The tables have been well received by veterans’ families, and have even sparked a few tears. Hunter argues that they also help local youth learn more about the country’s history. Advertisement “It’s one thing for young people to read a name up on the wall, but now they can put a picture to that name now, and see the memorabilia and things like pay stubs and ribbons and medals.” The room will be open to the public during the Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11. Anyone interested in including their veteran’s photo in the next phase can call or email Marilyn Hunter at 250-262-9627 or read more

‘Evening’ in grove of painful lessons

first_imgSAUGUS – In a corner of Central Park, tucked against a hillside, a grove of stumps fans out from a circular pedestal. Each stump bears a round brass plaque with a name and a two-word reminder that this person’s life is frozen in time. “Melvin Beleno, Forever 19.” “Daniel Lieberman, Forever 14.” “Sandra Kay Pearce, Forever 9.” The names go on – 67 in all – of young people who will never see a future. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinalsThe Santa Clarita Youth Grove is an effort of the city of Santa Clarita, local businesses and families of some of the youth memorialized there. At 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, the city and the Blue Ribbon Task Force will host an “Evening of Remembrance” that will include songs and inspiration dedicated to those whose names will be read at the end of the evening. The memorial’s names are those of people age 25 and younger who died in traffic-related incidents. Most grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley. Some were victims of circumstances beyond their control, others died because of bad choices. Those behind the memorial hope that it will serve to change the behavior of other drivers of all ages. “The project is a powerful and graphic educational tool. We want the community to know more about safe driving habits and to pledge that no more young lives will be lost due to drinking and driving, or to reckless or irresponsible driving,” said Tess Simgen of the city’s Community Services department, who coordinated the memorial project. The memorial includes a vow written by one of the monument’s creators: “Our children are our most precious gifts. They are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, loved ones and friends. Vow today that no more will lose their lives because we drive too fast. No more will die because we drive under the influence. No more will perish because we lapse in attention for just one moment. No more will be lost because of reckless acts on the road…” Central Park is located at 27150 Bouquet Canyon Road. For information about the Evening of Remembrance or to add a name to the project, contact Simgen at (661) 255-4956 or (661)257-5252160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Arsenal transfer report: LA Galaxy in talks over deal for Gunners goalkeeper

first_img David Ospina And their fears could be worsened with Galaxy ready to hijack the deal and capture Ospina from under Fenerbahce’s noses. LA Galaxy are preparing to hijack Fenerbahce’s move for Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina, by launching their own bid.Reports in Turkey claim Galaxy chiefs are currently in talks with Ospina’s representatives over a possible deal for the 28-year-old.Ospina has played second fiddle to Gunners number one Petr Cech for much of the campaign, but did feature in the FA Cup final victory over Chelsea at the end of May.Fenerbahce are reportedly growing increasingly anxious despite reports suggesting that the Turkish giants had already agreed personal terms with the Columbian.There remains complications over the transfer fee with Fenerbahce unwilling to pay over £3million for the goalkeeper’s services.center_img 1last_img read more


first_imgCatriona Solan.Dungloe GAA News:B’iad 10, 18, 21 & 23 huimhireacha lotto a tarraingíodh ag deireadh na seachtaine agus níor baineadh póta óir an lotto. Beidh €1600 sa phóta óir don seachtain seo. Bhain na daoine seo leanas €20 an ceann; Jenny Sweeney – Cronashallog, Claire Keeney – Glenties, Ellen Shares – Leitir, Annemarie Cannon – Dunlewy agus Patricia Molloy -Mill Rd Glenties.***Membership Registrstion Night***Dungloe GAA Membership Registration Night for 2016 will be held Saturday the 6th of February.5-6pm at The Ionad, Maghery.6:30-7:30pm Burtonport Community Centre. 8pm at The Clubhouse, Rosses Park.New members welcome! The club would like to wish Càtriona Solan a massive congratulations for winning the County Final of Scor Sinsir in Glenswilly on Friday past with very fine performance as usual. Well done Càtriona & definetly well deserved.The U10 hurlers were in Derry City on Saturday, where they played Na Magha of Derry. They played three games, winning one and Na Magha two. Well done to all involved.(Picture attached!)DELIGHT FOR DUNGLOE GAA CLUB AS CÁTRIONA SOLAN WIN COUNTY SCOR SINSIR was last modified: February 2nd, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:dungloeGAASportlast_img read more


first_imgThe cottage at Sandfield, Ardara which now officially belongs to the Eastwoods. Pic copyright of North West News Pix.A couple have finally been allowed to buy their 300 year old Co Donegal cottage house after living in it rent-free for sixteen years.Malachy and Lorraine Eastwood agreed a deal to buy the run-down cottage in Ardara in 1998 for IRL£10,000 from businesswoman Suzanne Rafferty. However, despite moving into the home and spending up to €50,000 renovating it, the sale of the home was never formalised and they couldn’t get the deeds.Auctioneer Ms Rafferty took the Eastwoods to court claiming the contract was not valid and sought damages.Ms Rafferty, a mother-of-twins who had lived in Sweden for several years between 1998 and 2007, claimed the Eastwoods never paid rent and excluded her from the property.However, barrister for the Eastwoods, Mr Peter Nolan, told Letterkenny Civil Circuit Court that his cients had tried their utmost to complete the sale over the years.He said part of the deal was that Ms Rafferty would also seek a Section 49 application for adverse posession of some lands around the cottage.He produced a series of letters from his client’s legal team to Ms Rafferty and her legal team asking for her to complete the sale including the Section 49 application.It was also agreed in court that the Eastwoods had paid a sum of IRL£3,000 for the contents of the house as well as a IRL£1,000 deposit.Ms Rafferty said she also gave Mrs Eastwood a diamond ring as part of the deal but this was denied by the defendants who said they had never seen a diamond ring.Mr Nolan said the reality of the situation was one borne out of greed on behalf of the now London-based Ms Rafferty.He claimed that despite agreeing a sum of IRL£10,000 for the cottage at Sandfield, Ardara, its value had increased substancially due to the arrival of the Celtic Tiger.“I’ll tell you the real reason the house sale was not completed. By 2006, property sales had risen. You sold it in 1998 and it was now worth thee or four times that value and you were getting a bit windy and you didn’t want to complete the sale.“You had been sitting on it for eight years and you had sold it for IRL£10,000 and it was probably worth four times that.“You were sitting on it and hoping the sale would fall through and you would see a nice, handy profit,” Mr Nolan told Ms Rafferty.Ms Rafferty claimed there had been “nepotism” used as the estate agent handling the sale of the cottage, Belfast-based Brendan Eastwood, is a cousin of the buyer Malachy Eastwood.“I believe they (the estate agent) were acting in their profession for them (the buyers) and not for me,” said Ms Rafferty in evidence.At one stage Gardai were forced to intervene in the dispute when Ms Rafferty arrived at the property in 2001 after she said she was informed that payments were not being made on the cottage.Malachy Eastwood said “She arrived and asked me what business I had of renovating her property and that it did not belong to me. She got aggressive and with her being a woman and becoming aggressive, I called the Gardai in Glenties. They told her it was a civil matter and they couldn’t interfere,” he said.Judge Mary Faherty said she was satisfied that the Eastwoods had tried to complete the sale of the cottage through their legal team.She agreed with their barrister Peter Nolan that they were “ready, willing and able” to pay the amount agreed in 1998.She found in favour of the defendants for the original price of IRL£10,000 minus the deposit and allowed one month for the balance to be paid.No order was made for costs.Speaking after the case to Donegal Daily, Mr Eastwood said he was pleased with the result but it had not really sunk in yet.“We’re just delighted and it has been a long time coming. Our house can now be a home. It really hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said.COUPLE WIN COURT BATTLE TO BUY THEIR DONEGAL COTTAGE AFTER 16 YEARS FREE RENT was last modified: October 23rd, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ArdaraCIRCUIT COURTcootagedonegalJudge Mary Fahertylast_img read more

Legotastic ‘Bricks 4 Kidz’ Camps return to Donegal this Easter!

first_imgAfter a very successful run of Christmas and Mid Term camps, Bricks 4 Kidz Donegal has just released an even greater schedule of Easter camps!Twelve camps are taking place across the county, providing over 200 places for local boys and girls aged 5-12 years old. Bricks 4 Kidz Donegal camps are all about children enjoying Lego-based activities with their specially designed Lego technic equipment. The Bricks 4 Kidz range of camps, workshops, school programmes and birthday parties have proved extremely successful so far with close to 4000 kids already having taken part in the first 4 months of operations.JP McMonigle – Bricks 4 Kidz founderOwner JP McGonigle said “we are absolutely delighted with the reception we have had throughout the county and the appetite there has been so far for our services, we look forward to growing these services every month and continuing to bring this new and exciting offering to more and more children in throughout Donegal.”Bricks 4 KidzBricks 4 Kidz activities are designed to trigger young children’s lively imaginations and build their self-confidence. Providing a safe environment where children can make new friends, of the same age and with similar interests by combining teamwork elements into the camps. Easter will see 4 day camps running throughout both week of the school holidays – locations confirmed are Letterkenny, Buncrana, Ballybofey, Muff, Donegal Town, Carndonagh and Rathmullan – camps are priced at 75 euro per child for the 4 days, family/group discounts are available. Full details of the schedule and booking information can be found on the website at PostLegotastic ‘Bricks 4 Kidz’ Camps return to Donegal this Easter! was last modified: February 28th, 2018 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:activitiesbricks 4 kidzchildreneaster campsLegolast_img read more

The route to Hell is open again in Northern California

first_imgLASSEN PARK — The route to hell is open again.While theologians might argue it’s never closed, we’re being a little more literal here: The main trail to Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park reopened earlier this month after being closed for the last two years.The 1.5-mile path to the geothermal basin was first constructed in 1935 by the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps.The trek is the most popular in the park, and as you might expect, the 84-year-old trail suffered from …last_img read more