Five NFL quarterbacks who could get benched in 2020 season

first_imgThe NFL is never perfect, and plans often go awry.Quarterback is viewed as the most important position in football, so it’s crucial that teams get it right. The NFL can be a brutal business where coaches get fired after one season, so if they make the wrong call on who starts at QB, it could cost them their job. Honorable mentionsThe names above are names I could realistically see getting benched. But there are some other situations I could see a backup coming in, even if I don’t truly believe it will happen. One is Sam Darnold getting benched in favor of Joe Flacco. The New York media is tough, and some fans may want to see what the veteran has to offer.Philip Rivers is an interesting case because he truly was not good last year. With Jacoby Brissett behind him, it wouldn’t be a total surprise to see the Colts go with the younger option.The final mention is Teddy Bridgewater. He looked good filling in for Drew Brees, but he was also in a high-powered offense in New Orleans. Behind him in Carolina is XFL standout P.J. Walker, who played with new coach Matt Rhule at Temple during his college days. Even if the stakes aren’t that high, a correct quarterback change can make a drastic improvement on a team. In 2019, we saw the Titans go from Marcus Mariota to Ryan Tannehill. In six starts with Mariota, the Titans went 2-4 and had a much less productive offense. Tannehill came in and went 7-3 in 10 starts and took the Titans to the AFC championship game.Is there a player who can pull off something similar in 2020? Possibly. That’s why we’re going to look at some quarterbacks who are in situations that could result in them sitting on the bench at some point in 2020.MORE:  What happens in an NFL season without quarterbacks?Mitchell Trubisky, BearsAssuming Mitch Trubisky retains the starting quarterback job at the start of 2020, he seems like an obvious choice for someone who could get benched at some point this season. Chicago brought in Nick Foles, who is earning a hefty $8 million contract in 2020. Foles has had an interesting career, which has seen him win Super Bowl MVP and also lose a starting quarterback job to Gardner Minshew.He’s shown enough promise in his career to warrant being a starting quarterback, and he’ll be breathing down Trubisky’s neck all season. Chicago rejected Trubisky’s fifth-year option, so he’s on thin ice for the Bears. Unless he dramatically turns things around, it would be easy to see Chicago bring in Foles to start at some point this season.Tyrod Taylor, ChargersTyrod Taylor is listed as the Chargers’ starting quarterback for 2020. Taylor joined L.A. last season after starting three games for the Browns in 2018. He faces a similar situation as he did in Cleveland where he’s projected to be the starting quarterback on a team that drafted a first-round QB the same year.Taylor has had a decent NFL career, but fans already know about what they can expect from him. They don’t know what to expect from rookie Justin Herbert. And that’s why if Taylor struggles at all, fans will be clamoring for Herbert. It’s an extremely tough position for Taylor to be in, but he’s used to living through uncertainty.MORE: Ranking NFL starting quarterbacks 1-32Derek Carr, RaidersOddly enough, Marcus Mariota is in the same situation he was last year, but reversed. Instead of having the backup quarterback replace him, he’ll be doing the replacing. Mariota signed a two-year deal worth $17.6 million, which isn’t cheap for a backup option. Carr wasn’t terrible in 2019, completing 70.4% of his passes with a 21-8 TD-INT ratio, but the Raiders’ 7-9 record left fans unsatisfied.I personally don’t think Mariota would be a better option than Carr, but I can easily see a scenario where Las Vegas goes to its backup. If the Raiders begin to struggle and fail to get wins, the coaching staff may as well see if Mariota can make something happen. Dwayne Haskins, WashingtonThis is an interesting situation because Dwayne Haskins was a first-round pick in 2019, but a different coaching staff wanted him. He’s now working with Ron Rivera, who is coming off a season working with Kyle Allen, who he traded for in Washington. The Panthers received a fifth-round pick for Allen, which isn’t bad considering he was an undrafted player in 2018.Haskins wasn’t great in his rookie year, but he didn’t have much help around him. Many are expecting a better campaign in 2020 as he has a new coaching staff, another offseason to prepare and more time to develop at the professional level. Still, the arrival of Allen via trade is something worth monitoring.”We really like what we have in terms of our young quarterbacks,” Rivera said earlier this offseason. “Kyle is also a young guy who has a live arm, understands the game, understands how we do things. So, I’m excited about what the potential could be.”Ryan Fitzpatrick, DolphinsRyan Fitzpatrick is listed as the Dolphins’ starter at the moment, and with this being a weird NFL offseason due to the coronavirus, it wouldn’t be surprising if he starts Week 1. He’ll probably start a few more games, but everyone knows he’s just a stop-gap quarterback for Miami. Tua Tagovailoa is the future of the Dolphins, and I’d be surprised if the rookie didn’t play at all this season.Tagovailoa is an exciting talent, and he’ll likely make an appearance at some point in 2020. Even if Fitzpatrick is playing OK, getting Tagovailoa reps will be important. The only reason to not bring Tagovailoa in is if Fitzpatrick has the Dolphins on track for the playoffs. But based on their roster, that would be a surprise.last_img read more

GuySuCo to close LBI operations

first_imgGuySuCo to fully close LBI operations– 800 workers to join 1700 from Wales on breadlineBy Devina SamarooSome 800 workers may lose their jobs as the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) moves to shut down the remaining operations at the La Bonne Intention (LBI) Sugar Estate, making this the second sugar estate to be closed within a year under the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition government.The two trade unions representing workers, the Guyana Agriculture and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE), met with GuySuCo on April 12 where the announcement was made; according to a joint press statement of the unions.During the discussions, GuySuCo informed of the decision to have operations of the Field Workshop, Mill Dock, Field Lab, Stores and Administrative Offices at the LBI Estate to be merged with similar operations at the Enmore Estate, the unions stated.In 2011, GuySuCo under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration, had closed the LBI Sugar Factory however the Corporation had assured that the other operations of the Estate would remain functioning.GAWU President Komal Chand in an invited comment to Guyana Times expressed that the Sugar Corporation has “once again changed its commitment and position”.Both unions have since expressed utter surprise at this decision by GuySuCo.“When the LBI factory was closed and its workers were transferred to Enmore Factory, both unions were assured by a member of the current Interim Management that there will be no closure of any other department after the closure of the factory. Thus, it was never expected that the Corporation under the same management could decide to dismantle the costly buildings at LBI Estate and end the operations which it approved about five years ago,” the unions asserted.Though GuySuCo assured that workers will be deployed to the Enmore Estate, both unions are doubtful that full-time and regular employment will be available.Chand explained to Guyana Times that the Enmore Estate already has a full complement of workers therefore, it is likely it does not have the capacity to accommodate 800 more employees.Both unions explained that during the meeting, GuySuCo did not disclose when the operations would be closed nor was vital information about employees’ future provided.“It is a similar experience to that of Wales where the company, to date, has failed to provide full information on the status of the future of 1700 workers from Wales Estate,” the unions observed.Earlier this year, GuySuCo announced the closure of Wales Estate by yearend and that some workers will be deployed to the Uitvlugt Estate while the others would be made redundant.GuySuCo and the Agriculture Ministry are yet to devise a plan for the future of the affected sugar workers.Notably, the closures of both estates follow assurances by government that no estate will be shut down anytime soon.In fact, following the announcement of the closure of Wales Sugar Estate, government promised that no other estate will be shut down.The closures also come on the heels of a multimillion dollar Commission of Inquiry report which advised against closure of any sugar estate or operations at this time.Meanwhile GAWU and NAACIE have expressed hope that the “unsavoury and oppressive” situation at the Wales Sugar Estate is not repeated at LBI Estate.The unions are also calling on the Sugar Corporation to revisit its decision on the full closure of LBI Estate.GuySuCo’s responseMeanwhile, GuySuCo released a statement shortly after expressing disappointment over the Union’s position.According to the Sugar Corporation, both unions were well aware from the inception that the complete closure of the LBI was in the making.“Since in 2011, GuySuCo, GAWU and NAACIE met with each worker in the LBI factory over a five-day period to discuss the closure of the LBI factory and their redeployment. The factory was then closed in the same year and workers were redeployed to other positions within the Enmore Estate. In some instances, the authorised manning levels were exceeded to accommodate the workers,” the Sugar Corporation stated.GuySuCo explained that the integration process was not fully completed, since there were still two Mill Docks, two Field Workshops, two Field Laboratories, two Field Offices and two stores within the East Demerara Estate operations.Therefore, GuySuCo pointed out that the recent meeting was basically to discuss the completion of the integration.In fact, the Sugar Corporation said that the process should have been completed since 2011.Moreover, GuySuCo stated that the state of affairs must be compared with the Albion Estate which produces more than twice the amount of sugar as produced by the East Demerara Estates and operates efficiently with one Mill Dock, one Field Workshop, and one Field Laboratory.Against this backdrop, GuySuCo said it was strange that, having been involved in the integration process over the years and having made commitments to see the completion of the process, the two unions would now issue a contradictory statement to the press.last_img read more