Osasuna learns to live without Chimy, the emblem of El Sadar

first_imgHis fan waits for him to enjoy his goals. Until his injury, the Argentine had 9 in 20 league games, a great average. He made them in the first round and got up to Vergara and Iriguibel, and only surpassed by Urban, which in the 1990-91 season marked 11 points before the Ecuador league. Chimy scored seven in as many straight games. Last summer Osasuna announced the signing of Chimy Ávila, Argentine striker who had to look for life from a very young age after a very hard childhood and with many needs, and that became known in Spanish football during the two seasons he played in the Huesca courtesy of San Lorenzo.I arrived in Pamplona Commander, a true whirlwind. Soon he won the love of his teammates and the fans. Watching him play was a show. Always giving everything, looking for the goal for his team … Soon the Chimymania and rumors began that he could go out in the winter market. However, in the 55th minute of the match against I raisedIn the last days of the market, Ávila suffered a serious knee injury. Cruciate ligament rupture. The Sadar He fell silent and the fans knew it wouldn’t be the same without him. Eight months of Calvary await you, but you will not be alone. Until Marc Gasol was launched. “Much strength genius.” Your little daughter will help you not to give up. At least that promised her when she burst into tears desperately when she saw the video of her father’s injury. “Do you know that Dad is going to come back stronger than ever and he’s going to score a lot of goals? How do they tell Dad? The Commander of the war, then we’re going to come back stronger, you mom, aunt … We have a lot of people who loves us and helps us. We must not cry champion, “the player tried to comfort him. The same could have been done with the fans, who now tries to learn to live without their idol. “He will come back stronger,” insisted his agent, Jorge Bilicich.last_img

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