Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience sharing a little inspiration of the use of the nofollow la

"nofollow" label is a label of noble baby, Yahoo and Microsoft Corp to put together a few years ago, the link with the tag will not be calculated weights, the search engine supports nofollow attribute: the A page is the link to the B page, if the link with the nofollow property, then A the weight of the page do not flow to the B page.

hard work pays off, and finally in the 2013.7.10 with a link to the site, a happy ah ~! (below)

Use the "

"love Shanghai." you know what? You don’t know, OUT. The "love Shanghai encyclopedia" chain, will you? No, you OUT. "Love Shanghai encyclopedia chain" is a "no chain construction method" no mention, not advocate Gao Quanzhong chain form. If you believe the words above. So, today, the little fish tell you: you or OUT. Because you did not find "love Shanghai encyclopedia"; usually do not pay attention to the effect and method of foreign chain to carry out carefully check and summary. Small fish recently in the operation of a do email marketing website, has been concorded "email marketing" the Shanghai encyclopedia entries in the attention and love. read more

The grassroots webmaster how to improve site weight

good external links in the shortest possible time will guide your site search engine spiders, and can give your site more high weight component. After the self adjustment of Shanghai, blog, forum weight is reduced, the high quality of the external links to Links, soft link is dominant, because the foundation of the webmaster can write high quality soft Wen, if the article was reprinted in words, but also eliminates the need for you to send the chain time.

two, the high quality of the external links read more

Shanghai dragon new recommendations the love of Shanghai as a user to love

about Shanghai Longfeng, many people may have many methods of their own, but have only one purpose, that is to get a good ranking.

many novice in the actual operation there will be a lot of misunderstanding, I would like to say you may have heard a word.

before I study the algorithm, now I study the content and value of

a new web site to improve the rate of early weight and high quality of the chain is very important, is the main post maintenance master of the web site keywords ranking, the weight of the chain construction of high quality stable website. read more

Grass root Shanghai Longfeng practitioners counterattack want to become a part of Shanghai Longfen

search engine rivals the myriads of changes, more and more, Shanghai dragon industry competition is fierce nature, so many competitors, how can an invincible position, as a manager of Shanghai Longfeng panic. To take precautions, must be taken into account in the worst case, you know a wrong step may be worth, if the keyword is wrong, there will be no conversion, Shanghai dragon will need to consider the problem and so on, facing the competition pressure and the pressure of the boss, can you hold on? We have often said in Shanghai the dragon was also Shanghai dragon, the mentality of the problem talked a lot, there is a saying that good, attitude is everything, no matter you how cattle. There is not a positive attitude is very difficult to do in Shanghai Longfeng, negative about a job, there is certainly no results. Grass root Shanghai dragon Er to counter attack to become managers, the mentality of the first to do mentality preparation. read more

360 push the third generation of search technology

"I search", 360 also released a test of a desktop search product "double Ctrl". Yu Guangdong said that the product is still in beta, has not yet officially named.

"in the original model, the 360 could not go beyond the love of Shanghai. The new model 360 is the introduction of similar Taobao seller evaluation system, allow users to evaluate the website evaluation results directly linked with the search rankings." 360 President Qi Xiangdong said.

red tomatoes, custom Coca-Cola in August 16th, in the 360 line search on 1st anniversary ceremony, the two reporters arrived at the scene of strange items. read more

Do you teach the analysis of long tail keywords furniture chain strategy

network is a typical feature of Web2.0, the operation method of this part is mainly to the blog very much the same, and the anchor station reprint articles. But compared to the blog group, this part is hand in doing so, the content can be seen much better, at least graphic editing good. Everyone in this sharing community, can also get extra reprint. In addition, can be found in social networks and blogs are connected to each other.

How to optimize

today to share with you my working on site, as he had done on the furniture industry, the industry website or some understanding. Beauty Lele furniture net is developed rapidly in recent years, his success with the site itself clear Shanghai dragon ideas inseparable. read more

After the analysis of the source web site with high similarity to radical

The structure of

2, the content of the website, pictures, this mainly appeared in some waterfall site. Although this situation is not directly caused by repeated contents included, but we all know that the search engine for the identification of poor. If the picture, there is less content may directly cause high similarity, affected included, and may cause unnecessary punishment.

4 upgrade page, such as setting up the unique tit> on the page

K is a website by web site operators can not avoid the encounter, when we as a webmaster of the site is K in the analysis of Web site operators in negligence on the content and the chain, there are often a lot of people is not to the analysis. The problem is that the similarity of web content. As far as I love Shanghai in June and July this year, large-scale K storm observation station, many webmaster in "innocence", when its content is actually in the original content, why was merciless K. The author believes that the reason lies in the similarity problem on the website. The content of the website even with the original, but will still be similar through high search engine mistaken for duplicate content. So in this paper the author will analyze the problem after the source website how to cure the headache of high similarity. read more

Arvin seven kinds of methods to build the chain high weight website

directory of the web site is still relatively high, we can get the target site submit to relevant directories, if your web site is included, which is a high weight of the chain, the site optimization ranking has a good effect.

has been the most webmaster think this is the best method to increase the weight, their original article submitted to high weight website, if approved, then bring the chain will be the target site of a huge number, weight is recommended as can be imagined, so here to: A5, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why to contribute. read more

Through analysis of the long tail keywords and improve the flow conversion rate

we choose long tail keywords, can love Shanghai Google index and the tendency of the two platform. If you look carefully enough you will find that when you are in search of love, Shanghai in the search box will drop a hint, here is a selection of methods. Love Shanghai know, Search ask and so on these platforms are our long tail keywords the place. As for the choice of the two points, one is: to meet the user’s search habits, you must stand in the user’s point of view thinking. The two is to choose according to their products. read more

Website title track Shanghai dragon wind forward optimization

remember that sentence: primary school teacher Zhang Qiang, your title and topic composition. Since this sentence is still in my head with the sea, from the site to establish the moment the teacher: this sentence is rippling in my eyes, the title of the essay is not beside the point and the title track website isn’t a reason

is this similar title search engine to give you the impression? When we set up a new website is the first to optimize the title, mining search engine now have no title to the search engine through the title on the website sit up and take notice. read more

Website editor 3 days working experience in Shanghai Longfeng operation

before I did the composition station label of long tail keywords optimization, mainly to the title of automatic segmentation, and then set up a unified format for title. Such as "my birthday" is my birthday, automatic segmentation, there are two labels, and their title is "XXX XXX" on the composition, each word is. The benefits of doing so is convenient, but the deficiency is not related to the long tail keywords accurately, this title is monotonous, there may be an impact on the search engine. read more

Understanding the website structure and correct the chain walking in Shanghai Longfeng edge

is first of all to its content, is the original, you will have a good outside chain, when the quality is good, we can go to the large portal area contribute, such as Sina, Sohu, A4 and other places, they included a short time, the imported high weight, the key is to have many websites reproduced, these sites may be there are several dozen, but ultimately included must be high weight, good quality, so it benefits to us is very large, but here, there must be a link or the anchor point, want to have the anchor point now is very difficult, but want to have links to the general site will do more. Is a regular website, more is the value of copyright, copyright issues once reproduced very troublesome, so do not worry about this point, in fact, this also explains why we link so much ranking is not good The website, because people. read more

This is the Google PR value should update for Naban

two: Google PR value of the update should be more strict than before.


search is because I stand in a row forum, Google updates the PR value thought is the data errors found, along with several other sites (also check the domain name is registered after February this year, the PR value update found). In the QQ group asked also found that many webmaster website updates the PR value.

three: we have been working hard, owners still need to continue to work hard.


website is a long-term process, although we insist on the route is very important, but more or own execution. Many webmaster for a period of time can not be profitable to switch slowly on the road, we are not afraid not afraid in the halfway up. Google will be the same, although out of the mainland market, but they have been working hard, after all China this giant user group here. As a webmaster, we will stick to the read more

Love Shanghai highlights Javascript of cheating

JS two: do

do one thing under cover of another cheating

some time ago, Ningbo Shanghai dragon daily a shallow solution about "brush" type of love Shanghai (author of "love Shanghai cheating cheating highlights of the" brush "out of heaven and earth"). Today is to share a little bit using JS script to achieve Shanghai love to cheat in the exams. In 90s Javascript has greatly enriched the dynamic features and elements of web pages. But the black hat Shanghai dragon also use the search engine for JS recognition is not perfect the drawbacks, a lot of cheating by JS. Today is the two example of Gu Jun to a popular JS cheating. read more

How to tap the user’s contact demand

concluded that the differences in demand did not do such things in others, or not to do such a thing, so we know where the difference lies in the competition; we only need to satisfy the user data.

analysis of 2. key words (competitors, the user needs the drop-down box, reasoning: love Shanghai love Shanghai, relevant search keywords ranking top 20 sites compared to

this paper by Wei Wei Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝weiwei贵族宝贝/ original Shanghai dragon. Please mark


view the competitors how, do analysis. Refer to love Shanghai drop-down box to see if the user needs a short time, they are seeking those who love Shanghai; related search is shown searching for users within one month of things, and the comparative analysis of the top 20 home sites, why he can row in the tenth place, why he was in the first row, these problems need to go through their thinking and logical thinking. Look at their web site that meet user demand, not very good to meet those needs, then we can do more advantages in that respect. read more

How to analyze site drop right reason and recovery

method for solving correlation changes is the best tuning, the main reason for the change is the correlation between the user needs to change, so we have to follow the change of the site, for example: search screen users gradually began to search for the screen, although only one word, but the correlation has greatly changed. Search changes daily attention of users to fine tune our website according to these changes. And be sure to keep the quantity and quality of the chain, if a large number of high quality is easy to be rated as junk links, link to our website and lost the vote, the conventional chain recommend BBS signature, blog recommendation, soft, quality of the three kinds of chain CIS > read more

The godfather of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship how startups cope with the fatal squeezeSophia Amor

many start-ups experience a special phase in the first few months of their failure:

2006, dropped out of school after the art of photography, 22 year old Sophia · Amoruso Sophia Amoruso in the shopping site eBay founded a women’s clothing store, Nasty Gal, specializes in selling Vintage clothing. Just like every shop owner, operating independently of the shop Sophia, often spend hours looking for a perfect clothing in the vicinity of the discount store, and then put them into a better design style, in the online sale. She spent $8 on a used leather jacket and sold it for $1000 on an online shop. read more

Novice webmaster using independent blog to avoid misunderstanding chain

many people when using the blog construction site outside the chain will try every way to create the chain for the website, and in the blog title Add URL is one thing they do, and join the site in the title is a sacrifice of the blog, novice webmaster you think your article can be the search engines, adding the URL in the blog of the article is to waste, because most of the time your article can not be included in the search engine, so you have to write the article, the URL in the clever are without the slightest effect of gad. read more

Several factors must be considered before the new Shanghai Dragon

second points, combined with their own website content to draw up a good title to the site;

;The new

a good title must contain the keyword, also can attract customers click. Keywords include title must have a certain amount of search, but also not too hot, too hot too much competition, our short time it is difficult to optimize; difficult to optimize query keywords can be key in love Shanghai in the search engine, if the search results appear in the full web page give up; if most of them are in the page, you can use this keyword. read more

Ranking from Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng Discuss standardization

two, the common form of


Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon ranking has been a pretty fierce competition, at least ybsong blog has never been to the home page, this shows that the gap between the webmaster and help, because he was the front page 2 position! Look at this website is how to use the 2 pages of a directory to occupy the love Shanghai No. two or three the location of the ybsong is a respected Zhengzhou! Love Shanghai optimization technology and practitioners, concerned about the long-term dynamic ranking and marketing, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon, please contact QQ:1524608819. read more