Talking about the source of webmaster soft Wen serial two

a few days ago, the author to share: talk about webmaster soft Wen thinking source (Lian Zaiyi). Three methods have been mentioned in the previous article here. Today, I continue to analyze the subject and the origin of the soft wen.

four, participate in interviews,

as we all know, there are many interviews including A5, Chinz, Taobao forum and other related webmaster websites.

in fact, the content of the interview itself is a very good soft, because during the interview, a question and answer by the way, may inadvertently share the webmaster friends there is an urgent need to understand the questions and answers. read more

Please update the website as a kind of enjoyment

believe a lot of see this title, click in to see article, webmaster friend must be to update the article a little feeling, I also, I always think that update article is individual force live. Time consuming, may also not much traffic coming! Hard earth website webmaster all know, update the site more than a short duration of time. To update the site into! Only a short while ago, owners of the homework every day, every day of the required course. How many webmaster to endlessly on your own website with original content all day and night. Many people say that we are the owners of Internet workers, updated daily articles of the machine movement is tantamount to migrant workers every day ctrl+c, ctrl+v brick! Very tired, really tired! But I want to say today is that we can change a way to update your own website! The update web site is a fun! read more

Several strategies of nternet product design

nowadays, word of mouth marketing is increasing day by day. For example, in Taobao shop, first of all to have a good reputation, otherwise, even if the product function, price has many advantages, the shop’s turnover rate will not be too high, because users can’t often come. Therefore, in the Internet product positioning, design, production stage, you need to be able to fully absorb the user’s recommendations, the urgent needs of users can also be quickly reflected. Innovation workshop Li Kaifu speech in the Internet products, put forward such a view, "explore the solution to the user’s sore spot", which is a good interpretation of the Internet product design strategy. read more

The method of B2B platform operation and some related problems

so-called B2B business platform, perhaps we will first think of Alibaba, that is, B2B e-commerce platform. The B2B website many domestic stay at what stage is different: most of the platform is still in the current supply and demand information, only provide industry information, enterprise information display and so on flow, capital flow and logistics are not involved. Look, domestic too much uneven B2B platform profit model is still the member with the form of advertising, it seems about innovation in this industry is rarely used words, or just find innovation but no execution. So far, most of the B2B platform in my eyes is just a media advertising platform, rather than the so-called electricity supplier trading platform. read more

Taobao operating plan = Market Research marketing strategy reputation protection

with the development of the times, people’s consumption patterns are becoming more and more diverse, more and more advanced. From the previous coins, it evolved into bank cards, credit cards. To the mobile phone, Alipay payment. From this point of view, more and more people choose to shop online. Many businesses have begun to operate online shop. Well, what are the necessary conditions for a good online shop? Let’s take a look at the following,


, one of Taobao’s operating solutions, market research. Be sure to do a network survey, the entire network of transactions should be familiar with the thorough, and each seller must have operational solutions, which is essential for novice sellers. Therefore, each shop manager to do a good job every day shops operating methods, to design the layout and modules of the shop, designed their own LOGO, good shop promotion. read more

When web sites are like air in the nternet how do you do your web site

The on-line

website construction, need promotion, when asked this question, in two or three years ago is almost certainly the answer, and now, do not jump to conclusions, because the website positioning of different marketing strategies are also different, and the change of Internet is amazing, up to now, almost every company has your own website.

once in a recruitment company personnel work over a period of time, it has been in the past six or seven years, at that time, the recruitment company had no talent website, and a competitor next to have a website. "We also launched a website!" once to the boss advised, "we certainly need to on-line website, but to do a job and as a large portal!" the boss said a face of longing. read more

Use translation tools to create original articles

original article in improving the weight of the website has an important role, in addition to some interactive type of Web site, the vast majority of personal web site is by collecting to add site data. Even manually add articles, the title changes, but the basic content is still no change, so that the collected articles can be called pseudo original, such articles in the search engine also has a certain position,

There is a class of

is writing articles, the effect is indeed good, but it will spend a lot of time and energy, this method is not desirable! How to get high quality of the original article read more

The choice between the website and love a webmaster’s different emotions

people in this life have experienced sour, sweet, bitter, hot to rough bizarre many than script story script! The story is the crystallization of human wisdom, is the sublimation of real life, no matter how tough the inside story of how bizarre, there is always a clue throughout the story. And the difference in life, some things we simply can not predict, and even can not imagine, this is the bizarre life. Rough nature also say, no one’s life is good.

The Internet contact

a year ago, with the network understanding and deepen understanding, especially frequent in a network expert, to make myself clear from the unreal game into the industry in. Like is found already for a long time looking for things in life, though which of webmaster and network did not know too much about, but to dream and the beautiful myth made his passion is far greater than the reason and reality in his heart, really in this nearly obsessed state, so I have made a lot of progress, but also know a lot. Understood the so-called CMS, SEO, IP, GG and so on, maybe God is fair, let you get part of, but also lose some things…. read more

The clever use of Baidu Webmaster Platform chain tool to remove the Baidu included horse

some time ago, due to bugs caused by multiple web content is hung gaming content information, delete the Trojan horse, but the horse Baidu included page but all over the last few months still exist and the use of Baidu Webmaster Platform tool chain will submit the horse to delete pages. Here is to share the details of the operation method:

1, website configuration

my website URL for all malicious web pages: Id=90799290418 this format, so we will all this format do 404 redirect page. Here I’m using the phpcms V9 program, all of which I write the redirection code on the index.php page, and the code is as follows: read more

Thinking about the developing direction of classified catalogue station

since I opened a catalogue of own station, I was very concerned about the development of the same type of website, after a period of exploration, discovery and classification of the mainstream non mainstream directory have the same problems and defects.


catalogue most mainstream station (Domz, Yahoo directory, Sina Sogou directory directory, etc.) and non mainstream (Web Directory:;;; my website directory: EDCBA Directory:, the directory includes website frame, login mode, and even profitable way is basically the same, the lack of innovation mode. read more

War first and then win desirable strategy for weight loss caused by the

, in the famous author of Bi Shumin’s essay "the most important consultant", recorded her counseling between psychologist and the "most important consultant", Wuwei:

weight loss, a long lasting topic,

, "I (Bi Shumin) said," I think you tried all kinds of weight loss methods.

Wuwei said: "you are only half right, I tried (weight) method, to be fair, in addition to oil absorbing paper (posted on the part of the body to lose weight, it was said that after a certain period of time will be able to automatically suck the body fat, lose weight) is out and out of the deception to outside, other (weight loss) how many methods have some effect, they either use laxatives, or use the western medicine to suppress appetite, every time I can successfully lose weight tens of kilograms. read more

Web page construction teach you how to standardize naming CSS

CSS3 has been released, and many WEB front-end engineers have begun experimenting with the technology. How do we evaluate the ability to write CSS? We don’t judge by right and wrong. We may use the word "good", "generic", "bad" and so on. What’s the hardest part of CSS? Is it compatible with the major browsers? It’s the simplicity and efficiency of the code. The front engineer, the five fingers, once said, "CSS isn’t a difficult technology. It’s hard to pin down the name.". The project is done by individuals, and engineers can name CSS according to their own habits. In team work, the nonstandard naming side can cause conflicts and affect the progress of the project as a whole. The following south of the Five Ridges network teaches you how to standardize the naming of css. read more

Baidu update snapshot do links 4 reminders

recently updated Baidu snapshots of many stations, whether or not the garbage in February 6th (a few snapshots of my station is so different, IP), from this point of view Baidu this time is indeed a wide range of updated snapshot, this let everyone felt relieved that good day will come. But turned back to SITE at many stations (especially new sites) did not increase included ah, it does seem to be out of Baidu style, from the view of this situation, how should I do?

1, some time ago we do Links to Baidu home page for normal standard, unified standard now we should look at the station every day is included, this judgment is now very important, this is a sign of the difference between the weights of the website, some time ago to see a snapshot, this time should look at the inside pages included, for example, in the Baidu site is indeed see every day in the closing pages, indicating that there are still some weight. read more

A brief talk on the operation strategy of various local stations

made a little comment on the operation of the local station. I think you are right. If you have something to gain, you should take a brick. For a large number of network from the explosion after now many webmaster is a market segment of this cake, although the income may be less, but better than the last to put up the shutters. Analysis of most of the local stations are what station, according to my analysis is like this:

1, local portal: don’t think they have died miserably, such as a corpse, actually a lot of local portal made out only with appearance, in order to show his large, showing him exclusive local style, is better to have investment, the establishment of enterprise advertising flicker web site. Many places, the portal is not with what flow, the content of old, just follow the trend, and he is alone with this virtual thing coated with a lot of money can be fooled. The long-term goal, of course, is not practical. read more

ndependent electricity supplier new thinking about group buying and flash purchase

1. why are inventories particularly prominent in apparel enterprises?

compared to other industries, the apparel industry has high gross margin characteristics. While in the capital stimulation, China apparel brand, a large part to attack the market distribution strategy, this is a direct consequence of causing inventory base increases, differences of e-commerce directly from the geographical distribution level brought by the direct comparison of the two shows the difference.

2. group purchase and flash purchase is an important difference is: buy inventory is narrow and deep, flash purchase inventory is wide and shallow. What’s the logic of group buying, read more

How do you learn to improve your data analysis skills

in SEO or engaged in network promotion Bao Chen think one skill is important is the ability of data analysis, data analysis is everywhere, especially in the SEO industry colleagues, even including some operating WeChat public number of friends, all need to have a certain ability of data analysis, only mastered the ability of data analysis, we can better do you want to do, because many related to the website operation, or platform operation field we may not be familiar with the beginning, so you need to continue to understand by itself, and the data analysis, to adjust to make our website operation platform to do better, and more, well, down and Wang Baochen a look at the ability of data analysis: read more

10 tips for adding backlinks

1. finishing a list of reference materials for a topic, summarizes the ten major mysteries of a particular industry, such articles often become authoritative documents, and a large number of references, so as to obtain reverse links.

2. makes content easy to understand, so that more people can read it and spread it for you. It’s important to try to minimize syntax or spelling errors if you want to get links to authoritative sites.

3. releases high-quality articles on websites like Ai Rui and Donews. These websites rank well, and besides increasing the backlinks, they can also bring you a lot of traffic. read more

Example analysis of website traffic halved revenue doubling case

I have a business enterprise mall site, although in the past IP day in about 80~120, but inquiry quantity is very little, order quantity is less, a month not more than 30 orders. Looking at the city counterparts, just a Taobao C shop +58 City advertising, the monthly orders are more than 2 times the author, I am tempted. But for this website, I have invested a lot of energy, so that I give up the site, to plunge into the less familiar with Taobao, the heart unwilling to love. The poor are changed, change the pass, long general, see how the author in 2 months time, let the website profit level multiplier. read more

How to defend and respond to website hijacking

before a hijacked "tell those things" we talked about the common website hijacking problem, this time, Jun once again invited to talk about how the eagle, specific defense website hijacking and hijacking after we encountered how to deal with

for us?We often say

website hijacking mainly is caused by website vulnerabilities, and now most of the site does not have the ability to safeguard the autonomy, which leads to the hijacking of the road more walk more far, below we will come from the angle of tool to help owners most likely to defense and Du free. read more

How to increase the stickiness of web game site users

also known as WEB games web games, is to use the browser to play the game, it does not need to download the client, any place at any time on any computer can have the joy of the game, especially for the working population."

The word

is above the simple definition of the web game, Baidu encyclopedia indeed, web games for traditional online games, the biggest advantage of which is simple and convenient, but also has some shortcomings, "game no traditional games of excitement, a lot of people often play only once, or is occasionally play, do not regard him as a long-term play the game. In this way, the web game site has a problem, there is not enough stickiness to attract users, and thus can not get the corresponding profit. read more