The one method guaranteed to get you out of debt

What is this miracle debt busting technique? You already know. You won’t be surprised in the slightest when you read it, and you may even be a little annoyed. Even so, it is the absolute best way to make your debt disappear faster. Here goes. The best way to save more money and pay down debt is to make more money. What have you tried to get out of debt? I’ve considered cutting out my fancy coffee runs to save hundreds a year. I won’t do that because I like my fancy coffee, but I could. Well, actually I most likely would if I didn’t get free gift cards for it, so that’s probably not a great example, but you get the point. I can cut cable, get a cheaper phone plan, or negotiate bills. Using coupons and combining them with sales is a given. There are a million things I can do to save more money and they would all help, but there is one thing that is hands down guaranteed to work better than anything else, and can help you pay down your debt faster than all other approaches combined. Did you roll your eyes? Hear me out! I know you probably already knew that and what you want is additional real life savings tips. There’s nothing wrong with that. But here’s the thing about focusing solely or mostly on the saving part. At a certain point there’s no more saving to be had. Cutting back on expenses and spending less is great and I am totally on board and squarely in that camp. However, after we cut, cut, cut to the bare bone, there is nothing left. Then what? The obvious, but not always pleasing answer is to make more. There’s no limit (theoretically anyway) to the amount of money we can make. continue reading » You Can’t Get Blood From a Stone, Right? 20SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr read more

Confessions of a closeted introvert during COVID-19

first_img 21SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Denise Wymore Denise started her credit union career over 30 years ago as a Teller for Pacific NW Federal Credit Union in Portland, Oregon. She moved up and around the org. chart … Web: Details I once read that the definition of an introvert is someone who prefers calm, minimally stimulating environments. Introverts tend to feel drained after socializing and regain their energy by spending time alone. This is largely because introverts’ brains respond to dopamine differently than extroverts’ brains.Many people think because I’m “outgoing” and can make conversation easily or because I’m not afraid to get on stage and talk to hundreds of people that I must be an extrovert. And they would be wrong. I love to be alone. It’s one reason I moved from the big city to the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. If I go for a walk in my neighborhood I will smile and wave at a passerby (because it’s the polite thing to do and my mama raised me right) but I consider it a victory if I don’t have to interact with a single human. I need my alone time.I am also an eternal optimist, a glass is half full, a Pollyanna and proud of it. So, in times of crisis I always look for the upside. What can we learn? What is going well? How can we help others?What can we learn? I think there are so many lessons during this crisis. The biggest one for me is that rules are made to be broken. For example, in New Mexico we have banned the plastic grocery bags and were charging those that forgot to bring their own if the store had to give up a paper bag. Today they will not allow you to bring in your COVID covered bags and are not charging you for the good old-fashioned paper ones.Taxes due on the 15th of April? Nope. Now you have more time.I got some takeout from a local restaurant on Friday. When I handed her my credit card she said “Can I just sign the receipt for you?” Sure! It’s safer.We also re-learned that we should ALWAYS wash our hands. I find it an interesting brand strategy that so many companies are now highlighting their NEW way of cleaning. What did they do before? We don’t want to know. Will they continue to make daily cleaning a part of their routine? I hope so.What is going well? I had to run two errands on Saturday. One was at Target. I’ve always loved Target. But now they have a nice greeter that has assured me that the cart I’m about to take has been thoroughly cleaned. I saw employees in the food aisles wiping down the handles on the freezer doors. After a customer left the self-check stand an employee raced over to clean it with sanitizer. I like that world.Then I went to Trader Joe’s. I had to queue up to get in because they were limiting the number of shoppers in the store at the same time. The line moved quickly and the store was not crowded at all obviously. I had to leave my own bags in my trunk but was allowed to bag the groceries myself. I like bagging groceries. I’m very critical of how others arrange my stuff. When I got back to my car is was easy for me then to put the frozen food IN the frozen food bag!Liquor stores are considered to be an “essential function.” I agree wholeheartedly.Netflix gave us Tiger King and it has united viewers across this nation. (Oh, and Carol Baskin totally killed her husband).How can we help others? I continue to volunteer with the Cochiti Fire Department as an Advanced EMT. I’m happy to do it since I work from home anyway, I’m basically quarantined all the time. And did I mention, I’m an introvert? Yesterday we stopped at Starbucks after transporting a patient to a hospital in Albuquerque. We like to reward ourselves with nice coffee and YES, the ambulance barely fit in the drive-thru lane. When we got up to the window to pay the employee, she told us the car in front of us paid for our drinks. That’s never happened to me before. Felt pretty cool. She “paid it forward.”I spoke to a friend this morning that is forced to work from home. She’s going nuts. She explained to me that she’s an extrovert and gets a lot of her energy by getting out of the house and going to an office where she can interact with adults all day long. She has three small school aged children who are “in school” that has also become her office. She told me that she is terrified to lose her job and wants to be seen as essential so she is glued to her computer all the while yelling at her kids to keep quiet when she’s on one of many conference calls. This does not replace the human interaction she got at work. I guess it never occurred to me just how many people are in her situation today.They “get” to work from home, which to me sounds lovely. I have been working from home for years and could not imagine ever going back to an office environment. But this is her nightmare. And to add to it the uncertainty of her job, her kids’ education. Is she supposed to teach them? Keep them entertained? Both? And work?Even though most credit union employees are considered “essential” and have not lost their paycheck, it’s not a victory. Either you are so essential you’re still at the branch serving members and at risk. Or you’re forced to work from home, perhaps with school aged children that now need your attention while you try desperately to show your value.How can we help others? By being kind. Everyone is under stress right now.last_img read more

Philippines eyes Indonesian tourists in efforts to boost foreign visits

first_imgCarla Zaldiva, the Philippines Department of Tourism’s market development head for Indonesia, said the Philippines aims to welcome more than 80,000 Indonesian tourists in 2020.“For this year, we want to be more aggressive in our marketing campaign,” Zaldiva said on Thursday.To introduce the Philippines to Indonesians, the Department of Tourism and travel agents will participate in Indonesian travel fairs such as the Astindo Travel Fair, which took place from Feb. 21 to 23 in Jakarta.The growing middle-class segment in Indonesia and its growing desire to travel to nearby countries is seen as a huge potential that the Philippines needs to tap more, Carla said.  The Philippines has set its sights on Indonesian travelers as part of the country’s efforts to increase its foreign tourist arrivals this year.Despite the two countries’ geographical proximity, which can be covered by a four-hour flight, the number of Indonesian tourists visiting the Philippines remains relatively low compared to that of other countries such as China, South Korea, the United States and other ASEAN countries, according to the Philippines’ Department of Tourism.Indonesia ranked 14th in the Philippines’ foreign tourist visits, with 70,819 Indonesians visiting the Southeast Asian neighbor in 2019. The figure was also lower than the 76,000 booked in 2018. In contrast, 261,000 tourists from the Philippines visited Indonesia in 2019, a 20 percent increase from 217,000 in the year before. The Philippines wants to offer Indonesia its diving tourism outside of what Indonesians can find in their home country. Pilgrimage tourism is also something the Philippines can offer as a Catholic-majority country with many historical churches. “Because the Catholic population in Indonesia is also one of the highest after the Muslim population, we want to tap a percentage of that [for pilgrimage tourism],” Carla said.The Philippines is eyeing tourists from the working population, aged 35 to 40, the millennial market and family travelers.“The reasons why we are promoting in Indonesia are because of its general population and there are a lot of similarities between the two countries. Statistics show that a lot of Indonesians visiting the Philippines are traveling for the first time [abroad],” she added. “So, I think it is about the shared culture, the ability to communicate easily, the similarity in geography and it is about the feeling of you are still at home while in a different [environment].”  Carla said the biggest challenge of attracting more Indonesian to visit the Philippine was solely the cost of travel. The airfare from Indonesia to the Philippines is higher than from the Philippines to Indonesia.“We are working on [exploring] discount deals for airfares and whole travel packages.”The Philippines Department of Tourism is working with airline operators to explore better promotional deals. It is also partnering with online travel agents and travel agent consortiums to come up with affordable vacation packages.Caecilia Angela, the manager of Indonesian travel agency Sirius Tour, agreed that high travel costs made many Indonesians think twice about visiting the Philippines. Instead, they prefer to travel to cheaper Southeast Asian destinations, such as Bangkok, Singapore or Malaysia, she added. “[Affordable] airfare is important. The average round-trip ticket to the Philippines currently costs Rp 4 million [US$291.10]. If that was Rp 2.5 million less, I’m sure a lot more Indonesians would be visiting the Philippines.”The connectivity between Indonesia and the Philippines has been improving in recent years. with several direct flights connecting the countries, including Manila-Jakarta, Denpasar-Manila, Denpasar-Cebu and Manado-Davao, served by flag carriers Garuda Indonesia and Philippines Airlines.  The latter will launch a Manado-Davao route on May 17, with three flights a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. “Basically, this aims to drive tourism and business between the two countries and also connect the southern Philippines and eastern Indonesia,” said Philippine Airlines area manager for Indonesia, Bryan Sansolis. center_img Topics :last_img read more

Backyard bliss for children in secluded northside getaway

first_imgFAMILY ESCAPE: With a pool, tennis court and stables there is plenty to do in this backyard.There is no need to find a good park for the kids to play in with this back yard.The Nundah home at 37 Carew Street was perfect for Fiona Hatch and her three children for everything outside the home.“The backyard is huge and private,” Ms Hatch said.“We bought it within the first hour of seeing it because it is just wonderful for the kids.”The large windows overlook the expansive back yard.The sizeable yard had almost everything to keep her three children away from the TV, with a full-size tennis court and a 13m x 4.5m inground swimming pool.“When the kids were a bit older we had the stables put in so the kids could have their horses over for the weekend,” she said.More from newsNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by Parks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus18 hours agoThe home has high ceilings.The home was built in the late 1980s on a 2004sq m triple allotment just behind Kalinga Park.“It is at the highest point on the street and it is a level block,” she said.The home was architecturally designed and built in 1988, and with its cathedral ceilings, exposed brick and timber it has a distinctive look that is very different to other homes in the area.Fiona Hatch plans to downsize from her Nundah home. (AAP Image/Josh Woning)Part of the back of the house has floor to ceiling glass windows, which help give an unrestricted view into the back yard.“The house has been designed to face the back yard, and it is all very private and tranquil,” Ms Hatch said.The home is going to auction this weekend.With five bedrooms and a study over its two floors, the home was ideal for her children when they needed space to themselves.“They had piano rooms and guitar rooms and the house was always quiet between floors,” she said.With her kids now moved out, Ms Hatch planned to downsize and hoped that another young family would move in and make it their own.The house will go to auction on Saturday, June 9on-site at 9am by Ian Cuneo at Ray White — Ascot.last_img read more

2 ranking NPA rebels in NegOcc surrender

first_imgBoth have also stated that they missed being far away from their loved ones. Cariño added, the 15IB is now in the process of filing their documents, enrolling them to the government’s Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program, which would help them in reintegrating them back into the society./PN Lieutenant Colonel Erwin Cariño, 15IB commander, identified the two as 45-year-old Hermosilla Villamor, a front committee member of the NPA’s South West Front in Negros; and 27-year-old Teody Manorte, a squad leader of the SYP platoon of the NPA’s South West Front. Cariño said Villamor was the former finance and medical officer of the insurgents, and also previously served as Party Committee in Bohol, before becoming a political guide to the SYP platoon. When questioned by the army as to why they surrendered, both have stated they have become increasingly dissatisfied with the NPA’s ideological hopes and dwindling leadership.center_img BY DOMINIQUE GABRIEL BAÑAGA The two surrendered through the efforts of the Community Support Program of the 15IB in Barangay Sangke in the town Hinoba-an in Negros Occidental. BACOLOD City – Two high-ranking members of the New People’s Army (NPA) surrendered to the Philippine Army’s 15th Infantry Battalion (15IB) in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental.last_img read more

Football News Football Delhi to celebrate Sunil Chhetri’s birthday with exhibition game

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: Football Delhi will celebrate talismanic striker Sunil Chhetri’s birthday, which is now called Delhi Football Day, with an exhibition match in the capital on Friday. To mark the occasion, an exhibition game will be played among the Under-19 junior girls at the Ambedkar Stadium. “The soccer fraternity is cordially invited to grace the occasion and join us for the cake cutting ceremony after the match,” Football Delhi, earlier known as Delhi Soccer Association, said in a release.ALSO READ | Josep Gombau named Delhi Dynamos head coachEarlier, Football Delhi honoured Indian captain Chhetri by declaring his birthday as Delhi Football Day. Football Delhi took the decision during its first executive meeting of the year in January, chaired by president Shaji Prabhakaran. Under Chhetri’s leadership, India swept aside Kenya to lift the Intercontinental Cup in June. ALSO READ | FC Pune City sign prolific striker Iain HumeThe All India football Federation (AIFF) ‘Player of the Year’ award recipient for this year was recently in the spotlight for requesting his country mates to attend the national team’s matches and got a resounding response from everybody.Chhetri is India’s all-time leading scorer and figures in the top-5 globally. last_img read more

The Latest: Boston Bruins putting 68 employees on leave

first_imgThe measures include a loan of 4 million euros ($4.3 million) to help pay the salaries of players and coaches.The loan will be available to clubs from the third and fourth divisions, and futsal clubs. It can be paid back without interest over two seasons.The federation also says it will negotiate a credit line for teams in the first and second division.Federation president Luis Rubiales says the federation’s doctors will be made available to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, and the national team’s hotel can be used as a hospital if necessary.___ Curry, a two-time NBA MVP, will host the chat on his Instagram account Thursday — (at)StephenCurry30. Fauci is Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.Curry posted his plans on his Twitter account with an invite to all to submit questions. ___Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is open to the NCAA allowing more football practices after spring ball was cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic.The Tigers got in nine sessions after starting practice Feb. 26 before all spring activities, including their Orange and White scrimmage, were canceled. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___The Boston Bruins say they are putting 68 full-time employees on temporary leave and cutting the pay of 82 others who work for the team or Delaware North, which owns the TD Garden. That status of Richeze’s teammate, Fernando Gaviria, remains unknown after he also tested positive for the virus. Two staff members for UAE Team Emirates also tested positive, and the entire team remains in voluntary quarantine.The second edition of the UAE Tour, a major early season stage race, was canceled with two stages left. Riders and support staff for all 22 teams were isolated, though nearly all of them now have been cleared to leave the country.___The All England Club says it is still evaluating whether to postpone or cancel Wimbledon because of the coronavirus pandemic and plans to make a decision next week.That’s when the club’s main board is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting. The Latest: Boston Bruins putting 68 employees on leave The league asked clubs not to burden the government’s temporary unemployment scheme for employees forced out of work because of the lockdown measures implemented in Belgium.The league says exceptions can be made only “for urgent economic reasons.”The league also says it’s too early to decide when matches can resume.___Major League Soccer has extended its moratorium on team training through April 3 and still wants players to stay in their team’s local market. The announcement was the first post on his Twitter and Instagram accounts in more than three weeks.Federer underwent surgery on his right knee five weeks ago and hoped to return for grass-court tournaments in June. The men’s tennis tour has since shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.Federer says he and wife hope “others might join in supporting more families in need.”___The Spanish soccer federation has announced measures to help smaller clubs financially. “We’re just trying to say thank you to all of these people on the front lines,” Woodward said Wednesday. “The first responders are first on the scene to a lot of these things. … The doctors, nurses, everybody, they’re putting themselves at risk for all of us.”Woodward said his wife isn’t currently working in a hospital. She finished a nursing contract at the end of February in Arizona, where they live, and is going back to school for another license.The Woodwards are also joining Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and his wife, Robyn, to provide meals to health care workers at Medical City of Arlington and Dallas.___The United Center is going to be turned into a logistics hub to help with Illinois’ response to the novel coronavirus. The moves — which the Bruins called “temporary business stabilization measures” — are effective April 1.The companies say they intend to restore jobs and compensation “once our business resumes to its normal state from this unprecedented stoppage.”The Bruins were the last team in the NHL to offer help to gameday employees who lost work because of the coronavirus pandemic — and then only if postponed games aren’t made up. The team is owned by Jeremy Jacobs, who is the chairman of the NHL board of governors and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. According to Forbes Magazine, the Jacobs family is worth $3.3 billion.___Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is teaming up with Dr. Anthony Fauci for a question-and-answer discussion about the coronavirus. Main-draw play at Wimbledon is slated to start June 29 and preparations for the tournament are supposed to begin in late April.The club’s statement Wednesday says that postponing the two-week grass-court tournament would not come “without significant risk and difficulty” because of the surface.Playing without fans has been ruled out. Wimbledon hasn’t been canceled since World War II.___NASCAR says in a memo to teams that one of its employees at track at Atlanta Motor Speedway two weeks ago has tested positive for the coronavirus. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has instructed the 32 teams to close their facilities to all but a select few employees by 6 p.m. Wednesday. In a memo to the teams, Goodell said the restrictions meant as a safeguard against the new coronavirus will be in force until at least April 8. Then the league will re-evaluate, using advice from medical experts and health authorities. The few exceptions include trainers and doctors treating players, security and technology personnel.The NFL has gotten some pushback for not postponing the draft scheduled for April 23-25 while the rest of the sports world is largely shut down. The league is developing a new format because it has scrapped the public events set for Las Vegas. ___The Belgian soccer league says clubs should not apply for temporary layoffs for their players despite matches remaining suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak. March 25, 2020 MLS has targeted May 10 as a potential return date.Team training facilities may be used only for physical therapy purposes at the direction of the team’s medical staff.___Roger Federer and his wife, Mirka, say they have donated 1 million Swiss francs ($1.02 million) “for the most vulnerable families” in Switzerland.Federer writes on his social media accounts that “these are challenging times for everyone and nobody should be left behind.” Associated Press The employee was not identified and NASCAR said the individual has been receiving medical care and all potentially exposed have been told to self-quarantine. NASCAR was at Atlanta scheduled to race March 15 without spectators. But two days prior to the race, NASCAR postponed Atlanta and last weekend’s race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, which instead was converted into a virtual iRacing event broadcast on Fox Sports 1 with 35 drivers. NASCAR has suspended its season through May 9 and will race at least five more iRaces, televised on Fox, during the stoppage.___Now that the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed for up to a year because of the coronavirus outbreak, world-class athletes have plenty of free time. At various times, she held the American record in the shotput in the women’s 65-69, 70-74 and 75-79 age groups. She was once the nation’s top-ranked thrower and ranked eighth in the world in the weight throw in the 75-79 age group. In 2016, she was named Connecticut Masters Games Athlete of the Year. Former Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia told Hearst Connecticut Media that he didn’t think he ever met a person who didn’t like Mary Roman.”___Aqueduct has extended the suspension of live horse racing through at least April 5 because of the impact of the new coronavirus in New York. Varying recommendations and lockdown regulations across the league’s 31 markets could impact how the NHL proceeds. Meeuwisse and deputy commissioner Bill Daly are still unsure whether fans would be allowed in for potential games when they resume.___Mary Roman, a world-class senior athlete who held numerous national age records in track and field, has died of complications from COVID-19. She was 83.Mayor Harry Rilling of Norwalk, Connecticut, made the announcement. Roman, who also served for 20 years as Norwalk’s city clerk, died Monday night at Norwalk Hospital. A childhood polio survivor, Roman began competing in senior track events in 1989 and won hundreds of medals, mostly in the throwing disciplines. American swimming star Ryan Murphy, who won three gold medals at the 2016 Rio Games, is planning to fly home to Jacksonville, Florida,from his training base at Cal-Berkeley.“I haven’t been home in a year and half,” the 24-year-old Murphy told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “It’s been forever. That’s the silver lining to all the madness. My parents are home and I suddenly get to spend a lot more time with them. I’m looking forward to it.”Murphy’s coach Dave Durden, one of the head coaches for the U.S. team in Tokyo, essentially wrapped up the season after Tuesday’s announcement by the International Olympic Committee. He met with his each of his swimmers and told them to take a few weeks off.“That’s closure for now,” Murphy said. “We’re taking a step back and trying to create a plan and refocusing toward 2021.”Murphy says he’s got a mask, gloves and wipes for his cross-country flight, which comes at a time when much of the world is locked down. Swinney is not in favor of extending fall camp, instead suggesting a sort of NFL-style mini-camp depending on how many spring workouts the team got before spring activities were canceled.“Maybe if they said everybody could have 12 on-field sessions,” Swinney said. “So that means we would get only three just to make it equitable. But some of these schools who got none, they could get 12.”___Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward and his wife Erin, a trauma nurse, have recorded a message thanking first responders and health care workers.The message was sent to the Texas Hospital Association and Medical City of Arlington and Dallas. A childhood polio survivor, Roman began competing in senior track events in 1989 and won hundreds of medals, mostly in the throwing disciplines.At various times, she held the American record in the shot put in the women’s 65-69, 70-74 and 75-79 age groups. She also was once the nation’s top-ranked thrower and ranked eighth in the world in the weight throw in the 75-79 age group.___Argentine cyclist Max Richeze has been released from a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, where the UAE Team Emirates rider spent 18 days after testing positive for the coronavirus following the cancellation of the UAE Tour.Richeze wrote on Instagram that two tests for COVID-19 had come back negative and he was discharged Wednesday. As a result, the $750,000 Wood Memorial has been postponed. No make-up date has been determined yet for the major Kentucky Derby prep that was to be run on April 4.Last Thursday, the New York Racing Association suspended racing at Aqueduct after confirmation that a backstretch worker who lived and worked at Belmont Park tested positive for COVID-19. The Belmont backstretch is home to 585 workers who tend to the daily care of more than 1,300 horses stabled on the property.The pandemic has affected other prep races for the Kentucky Derby, which itself was postponed from May 2 to Sept. 5. The Sunland Derby in New Mexico and Blue Grass and Lexington stakes in Kentucky have been canceled, along with the UAE Derby. The Arkansas Derby was pushed back from April 11 to May 2. For now, the Florida Derby on March 28 and Santa Anita Derby on April 4 are still scheduled.___ ___The NHL’s chief medical officer expects the coronavirus pandemic to get worse before it gets better.Dr. Winne Meeuwisse says the virus “really just entering the rapid acceleration phase” in North America. That makes it unclear when hockey might resume.He says the league is thankful only two players have tested positive for COVID-19 so far and its hopeful weeks of isolation will prevent more from contracting the virus. Players and staff have been told to self-quarantine until at least April 4.There is no timeline for when players might be able to start working out in small groups or report to team training facilities. Meeuwisse says the trajectory of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. and Canada will determine when that might be possible. IOC president Thomas Bach says government guidelines imposing restrictions on daily life only into next month and even President Donald Trump’s target of the “middle of April” to lift them are among the reasons why he waited so long to postpone the Tokyo Olympics.Bach says “we were in line with these developments” until World Health Organization leaders said Monday the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating.Bach and the International Olympic Committee faced mounting criticism from athletes last week for publicly supporting holding the Tokyo Games in July and August.Bach was asked on a conference call why the postponement decision came only after much of the world was in lockdown. He says “we could not see (government) measures being taken lasting until July.”___ The United Center and the surrounding area will be used for front-line food distribution, first responder staging and collecting medical supplies. “On behalf of the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, our athletes, our front offices and our dedicated United Center personnel, our thoughts and support are with the people of this great city and state,” a spokesman for the United Center said in a release. “Together, we will get through this.”___Mary Roman, a world-class senior athlete who held numerous national age records in track and field, has died of complications from COVID-19, the mayor of Norwalk said. She was 83.Roman, who also served for 20 years as Norwalk’s city clerk, died Monday night at Norwalk Hospital, Mayor Harry Rilling said. More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6last_img read more

Enmore CCCC captain voted Sport Personality-of-the-Year

first_img… Jainarine, Hassan rewarded for outstanding performances with ball, batFOR his performance as captain on and off the field, Bheemraj Ramkelawan won the Sport Personality-of-the-Year award when the Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC) held its annual award ceremony on Sunday at the community centre’s auditorium. Ramkelawan was recognised for his contribution in promoting and developing cricket in Enmore. He was hailed for promoting a positive image of the club and for having an unblemished record as captain in 2019.Life Member of the Club, Taajnauth Jadunauth, in delivering brief remarks to the gathering of cricketers, special invitees and well-wishers, said it is “heartening” to see a large number of young players now attached to the East Coast Demerara club.He credited Club captain Bheemraj Ramkelawan and his executives for keeping the club active by opening its door to new members.“Under the leadership of your current captain and chairman, progress is being made. Players please do not, out of anger, out of dissatisfaction, walk away from this club. Problems will be there; solutions are always there,” Jadunauth noted.The former Chairman of the Club urged the players to integrate their academics with their cricketing exploits, thereby allowing them to become well-rounded.“Some people will tell you, you can’t study and play at the same time, well I have studied and played at the times. Sports stimulate the brain; if you engage in sports you are stimulating your own brain, but nothing in sports and nothing in life will be achieved unless you indulge in proper discipline,” Jadunauth advised.Meanwhile, in an effort to attract new members, Ramkelawan stated that persons below the age of 15 would be given free membership. He also highlighted that the club plans to embark on its second overseas tour next year and the destination would be decided after the AGM in January 2020.Several awards were presented to the cricketers and off-spinner Satesh Jainarine and dominant opening batsman Imran Hassan won four of them.The occasion marked the sixth time such a ceremony has been held since the club’s resuscitation in 2013.Jainarine finished with the most wickets, 37 during the season, which resulted in several match-winning performances.  His best effort (another award) was 5-22 against Cotton Tree cricket team.Hassan finished as the team’s leading runs-scorer. His 551 runs were scored at an average of 46.In partnership with club captain Ramkelawan at the top, the duo combined for 950 runs, accounting for 30% of the team’s total in the season. Hassan also registered two of the best batting performances – 87 not out against Cane Grove SC in a T20 match and 84 against Berbice Police in an eight-over game. Amir Khan was also voted best all-rounder. In 10 games, he scored 236 runs and picked up 26 wickets.  Special mention was made of Yuvraj Dyal, who had 248 runs and 31 wickets in 20 matches.The most improved player was Navindra Gobin. Batting low in the order, Gobin scored 377 runs – a high strike rate during the past year. His performances were crucial to ECCCC being on the verge of entering three finals.The best U-15 player was Sohail Gangaram. A Chinaman bowler, Gangaram took 4-15 against Fairfield in the RUBiS U-15 competition. Another youngster, Chaitram Balgobin, was also impressive and was named the Most Promising Young Player.  Balgobin played a match-winning knock in just his second game for the senior team, helping his side to the semi-finals of the 100-Ball competition.Meanwhile Rudolph Singh Sr was named Supporter-of-the-Year.  Singh attended over 75% of matches during 2019. Special mention was also made of Mr Gobin and Uncle Nar.Deolall Rajkumar was also awarded for being the Best Curator by the Guyana Cricket Board for 2019; Balgobin for making the Guyana Under-17 team; and Ravi Etwaroo of Cricket Zone USA for his selfless contribution to the development of cricket at the club.During 2019, Shameer Shahib was nominated to be the club’s latest Honorary Life Member. He will be presented with the award at the Banks Beer 100-Ball final this month.Some of the sponsors and well-wishers, who contributed to the success of the club included Ravi Etwaroo of USA, Kumar Ramotar of Canada, Zaheer Mohamed – Kaieteur News, Brandon Corlette – Guyana Times, Romario Samaroo of Stabroek News, Avenash Ramzan- News Room, Jamal Mohamed of Jamal Grocery Store, Jailall Deodass- Motor Trend Auto, Banks DIH Limited, Rajin of Rajin Auto Paint, Raj of Raj’s Sports Bar, Anil Persaud, Sir Deoraj Nauth, Roberto Lall of Ray’s One Stop, Uncle Nar, Radesh Furniture Establishment, Romesh of Kissoon’s Construction Services, Javed of Boodram Bakery, Star Sports, Looknauth Lumber Yard, Rishi’s Barber Shop, Lens Variety Store and Johil Mining Company.last_img read more

Shoah Foundation initiative plans to raise $150 million

first_imgThis week, the USC Shoah Foundation began its five-year, $150 million fundraising initiative to preserve the current Visual History Archive and fund other projects.The announcement of the initiative was made at the Ambassadors for Humanity Gala in New York City on Oct. 3. The gala, which was hosted by Jon Stewart, also made headlines when it presented actor George Clooney with its Ambassador for Humanity award for his work in Darfur and Haiti among other places.“We have three major areas that we are raising money for that includes education, research and access. Those are the overarching goals that our programs feed into,” said Steven Klappholz, executive director of development for the Shoah Foundation.“The $150 million initiative is going to help establish an endowment fund for the foundation, preservation of the archives, support annual operations and capital projects.”Founded in 1994 by Director Steven Spielberg following his work on the film Schindler’s List, the Shoah Foundation’s goal is to collect video testimony from survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides and preserve the accounts in a digital archive that can be used for education and research. The archive currently has approximately 52,000 testimonies and is expanding to include the genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia and Armenia in addition to the Holocaust.Minority report · Director Steven Spielberg speaks with students at Chandler Middle School in Pasadena about the Shoah Foundation. Photo courtesy of Kim Fox Photography“The basis of the fundraising effort is educating people about the scope and purpose of the foundation and asking them to join with us,” Klappholz said. “It really is a collaborative effort on behalf of the entire university.”Fundraising for the Shoah Foundation is done in collaboration with the USC Dornsife Office of Advancement, which conducts the fundraising efforts including major gifts, corporate and foundation support, government grants and annual appeal letters.Some of the ongoing programs the funds will support include iWitness, an online tool that allows students to search through video testimony based on a key theme or topic, as well as the continuing expansion of the video archives. The foundation is working to expand access points to the archives at other universities in the United States and around the world.John Ingram, a junior majoring in sociology, interned for the Shoah Foundation in the spring of his freshman year after taking a freshman seminar offered by the foundation in the fall.“It was great because it wasn’t just boring desk work,” Ingram said. “I was learning about and interacting with all these people’s experiences, and it was very empowering.”One of the foundation’s main objectives is to empower educators to teach about such genocides by providing resources such as iWitness. During his time interning at the Shoah Foundation, Ingram utilized digital tools to help middle school teachers who are educating their students about the Holocaust. Ingram called his experience rewarding and said it gave him a better understanding of the human condition.“Each individual matters, their personal stories and triumphs, how they persevered through [the genocide],” he said. “I remember one story of a man who saved 400 people, and he didn’t want any credit, he just did what he had to.”Many Jewish students have called the foundation’s efforts crucial for preserving their heritage.“USC’s commitment to Holocaust education is representative through the Shoah Foundation,” said Dylan Abrams, a sophomore majoring in psychology. “On countless occasions I’ve accessed the foundation’s database for projects, papers and for personal interest. I’ve heard a lot of [Holocaust survivor] testimony personally, and I know the importance of documenting it. The USC Shoah Foundation is the only organization in the world that is documenting it through video and on such a scale.”For many, the Shoah Foundation is a place they can go to learn more about their ancestry.“It’s an amazing organization. I’ve heard a half-dozen or so Holocaust survivors tell me their stories in person, but to have access to an archive like the Shoah Foundation’s is incredible,” said Benjamin Smith, a sophomore majoring in international relations and economics.  “It’s like a key that unlocks a huge part of my culture’s history.”last_img read more

Syracuse drops first conference game in 3-1 loss to Louisville

first_img Published on October 2, 2015 at 9:57 pm Contact Matt: It was too little too late for Syracuse against Louisville, as it lost its first Atlantic Coast Conference game 3-1 on Friday at the KFC Yum! Center.After losing two of the first three sets by a combined 22 points, the Orange (11-3, 2-1 ACC) couldn’t recover, eventually dropping set four, and the match, to the Cardinals (9-4, 3-0).Coming off two wins against its first two ACC opponents, the Orange struggled to put Friday’s game together.The Orange came out slow in the first set, only putting 12 points on the board.SU bounced back in set two, taking the Cardinals to the wire. SU was able to capitalize on a few Louisville errors, and after a period of back and forth play, the Orange took the set 25-22.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textFrom there, SU struggled, losing the next two sets.Syracuse’s usually-active offensive frontline couldn’t make anything happen. The Orange ended the game with 33 kills, compared to Louisville’s 63.The SU hitting percentage was .058, meaning the Orange only scored on 5.8 percent of its hits. Louisville scored on 21.8 percent.On the defensive side, the Orange defense continued its blocking dominance, totaling 13 blocks in the loss. Sophomore Leah Levert and freshman Santita Ebangwese led the way for the Orange with two solo blocks each.After what SU head coach Leonid Yelin called a “good start to the season” a week ago, the Orange can bounce back in Sunday’s road matchup against Notre Dame (5-10, 0-3). Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more